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Colnago Pista, 90's Campy C-Record         Featured Bike! on 11/30/2009

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | c-record | campagnolo | campy | more tags >>
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90's Colnago Pista. Columbus Brain tubing for Colnago

3TTT stem, 3TTT 51.151 bullhorns / Cinelli Pista bars, Cinelli 2A stem

Campy Pista headset. colnago straight bladed track fork

Campy C-Record 32h laced to Campy Omicron clincher rim

Campy C-Record 32h laced to Campy Omicron clincher rim

Campy C-record / Campy chainring

Campy C-Record seatpost, Cinelli Volare SLX

Campy Pista pedals. Campy toeclips. EAI straps, Ramblin Worker 'Gucci' double strap holders

Campy 16t cog

*ding *ding

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This bike with the drop bars

This bike with the drop bars is incredible.


as if those lug cut-outs weren't cool enough, Campy clinchers, bullhorns *and* a bell! ;-)
tip-o'-the-hat to you.

just a guy,...

absolutly stunning . I hope

absolutly stunning . I hope you ride the hell out of it and not just to the coffee shop. you are very fortunate to own such a beast. cherish it always. drop bars look cool, but if you are really going to ride alot of miles (as I do on my Serotta fixie) you need bullhorns for the varied hand positions , since there are no brake hoods. go out ride NOW

Goddamn you and your pretty

Goddamn you and your pretty bike.

With the drop bars, it makes

With the drop bars, it makes me sick...sick that it's not mine!!!

i really

want that chain ring for my campy cranks!


Hi there, like the bike.
What kind are your blue tires.
Greetings from Amsterdam.


I love it with the drop bars and black tires. Built up to near perfection.

well let me be the the

well let me be the the 1000th post to say your bike is sharp! all that campy would bankrupt me but i love seeing it looking good for you!

Colnago Pista

One of my all time favorite track bike, still looking for one. This is a beautiful bike, let me know when you wanna sell her. Cheers!

how do you like those tires?

how do you like those tires?

i am jealous

Campy, Campy, Campy, Campy, DING DING, Campy , Campy, Campy......seriously, im gunna try to find your Colnago in the city and take a picture because its too damn nice too stare on the computer screen! =P

my colnago looks like a long

my colnago looks like a long lost brother of yours.

Colnago Museum

If you're a Colnago fan you'll appreciate Ernesto Colnago's personal museum.



very nice, well put together, hopefully ill get to get all campy stuff for my colnago im getting soon, the top tube decal is amazing.

Nice Ride

I love this ride. I am trying to build a similar bike but I am having trouble locating a frame. Does anyone know of a good source for used Colnago frames?



this bike is beautiful.

this bike is beautiful.

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