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Yamaguchi Team USA

Bike tags: Road bike | Yamaguchi
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Team USA / 1995

Ritchey Classic / Thomson Elite

Yamaguchi Custom / Chris King

White Industries H2 / Kinlin XR-270 / Continental GP4000

White Industries H3 / Kinlin XR-270 / Continental GP4000


Selle San Marco Regal / Thomson Elite

Time RXS / Dura Ace 7700

Dura Ace 7700

Dura Ace 7700

Purchased used in 2011. Fantastic ride--unreal. Can't bring myself to cut the steerer tube . . .

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pretty sure...

this is my favorite (road) bike on velospace.

Added a couple of new

Added a couple of new photos, more to come after I finish the winter cleaning.


Always wanted a Yamaguchi. Yours is really well done. How does it ride? I have quite a few bikes and find myself always reaching for my steel rides anymore.

The Ride


I rode this bike almost exclusively this year--it's incredible. I came to it from a CAAD9, and still can't believe how much quicker this bike feels than the Cannondale. At the same time, at higher speeds, it magnificently stable and confidence-inspiring.

In other words, it's stiff and lively on the way up, and absolutely confident on the way down.

It's got plenty of room for wide(ish) tires--I generally swap between 28s and 25s. The bike is comfortable.


totaly awesome bike. This is absolute, enjoy

Keep the white saddle and

Keep the white saddle and bar tape! Look amazing!!!

Agreed, the fade-to-white is

Agreed, the fade-to-white is stunning.

Keep the white saddle and

Keep the white saddle and bar tape! Look amazing!!!


My jaw just dropped. Amazing!


Looks great indeed. I dare say, however, that it could possibly look even greater to me with a Regal in black, indeed a cut steerer tube -and/or spacers- and the most recent 'full aero' silver 105 brifters. There really is a lot of 'white' at the moment. - Are there btw 'fluted' versions of these seatposts ?

I think the background

I think the background washes it out a bit here--I'll get some other photos of the bike up eventually. When it's not against a white background, it's pretty clear that the white seat and bar tape fit nicely with the paint scheme.

I hear what you're saying about the silver, though. The 7700 rides so nice that I can't justify replacing it at this point, but I'm sure that an alloy Chorus group will eventually adorn this frame.

I personally think the white

I personally think the white looks great as is. The bike seems to fade from purple to white. If he is going to replace the brifters, they better be at least 6700

That's exactly the effect I

That's exactly the effect I was going for--fade to white. As for the brifters, they're around until they're no longer functional (which seems to be in the far distant future).

Looks great!!

Looks great!!

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