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Fixed Gear Built and Painted by First Graders

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Old Giant Road

Soma Moustache Bars. Profile H20 Stem

Stock Threaded

Alex AT450

Alex DH19

SR Signature Cranks, Stock BB

WTB speed-v comp, Kalloy

Wellgo SPD, Sram PC-48 (for now)

40t Chainring, flip flo hub with 15t fixed and 16t freewheel cogs (for now, at least)

Frankenbike Giant - Built and Painted by First Graders

I started with an old Giant road bike that my sister in law had hanging in her garage that she didn't want anymore.

First, I did a very simple singlespeed cassette conversion and rode it around like that for a while. Then I scored a good deal on a rear wheel and went fixed.

But the real soul of this bike came to life when I decided how I was going to paint it. I decided to give the job to my first grade students. And while they were at it, they could also help tear down and rebuild the bike as well.

So I took the bike to school and let the kids take turns using my tools to remove parts from it, starting with the wheels. By recess, all that was left was the framest. The kids actually removed the bottom bracket, seatposts, brakes, and the stem. and even pulled the cranks off. For some of them, I had to help them hold the wrenches, but every component was at least partially removed by a seven year old.

I took the frame home and sanded it and gave it a coat of flat black. I brought it back the next day along with four cans of brightly colored spraypaint. Then I gave them turns spraying the bike with their choice of color.

Then the next day we did the reverse of two days before and built the bike back up. I let them grease bearings, and do most of the wrenching again. (I did have to tighten a few things when they were done. Two nights later, we had Open House, and I road the bike home.

Nearly every part on that bike was either stock or taken off of another bike. The front wheel came off of my road bike after an upgrade. The cranks, chain and bottom bracket came off of dumpster bikes. The tires were also laying around in my garage.
The saddle, seatpost, stem, rear wheel, and Soma moustache bars are the only new things in this bike.

This bike is quck and fun to ride. And I get lots of complements on the paint job.

Presently, this bike is awaiting a rebuild after donating most of its parts to my latest project, an old Medici. It will be reborn either as a track bike, town beater or fixed gear time-trial bike. Or I might just mothball it for when my 10 year old nephew is big enough to ride it.

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you should have the kids paint another bike this year! it will say "Mr. Olsen is awesome" all over it if Vivie has anything to do with it....

Great story

Excellent results. I wish I had you for a first grade teacher, Cheers!


the real story here is a sad tail of free child labour trickery at it finest only kidding liking the paint though mad fresh

Yet another reason why davis

Yet another reason why davis is so much cooler than sacramento- it starts with the elementary schools and goes from there.
Great idea though! Very admirable.


I never would have thought of that!

That's the coolest idea

That's the coolest idea about how to build a bike yet! I bet they love seeing you ride it!

now that's education

Wow! Now that shit is what education is all about! Wonderful project!

i love the bike, and i love

i love the bike, and i love how you worked with your students.

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