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2012 Massaro Custom Single Speed

Bike tags: Single speed | 3T | 54cm | All-City Cecil Pro | Arx-Pro | more tags >>
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Massaro / 54cm /2012

3T Ergosum Pro / 3T Arx-Pro

Massaro / King NoThreadSet

Rolf Prima Ptown / Michelin Pro 4

Rolf Prima Ptown / Michelin Pro 4

Sram Omnium

San Marco Concor Supercorsa / 3T Dorico Pro

All-City Cecil Pro Track

Sram Force / Soma Cross Urban

White Industries Eno Freewheel 17t

Classic geometry, modern steel. Columbus Zona. A blend of road and track. My personal ride.

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I like the seat stay cluster

I like the seat stay cluster on this

Seat stays mitered

Seat stays mitered and brazed as opposed to plug-ins which I use on other frames.

Yeah, this reminds me of

Yeah, this reminds me of some older colnagos, I have done a similar attachment because I liked the way those frames looked. I don't like the plug in caps, they are a little bulky, this is much nicer, great job

A little more work

A little more work to miter and braze but it does have that old school look and if done right, quite nice. I recently saw a BMX frame that had plug-ins for all of it's lugs, then TIG welded.

I don't know that I have

I don't know that I have ever seen lugs on a bmx frame, gussets, but not lugs. I've been toying with a bunch of different attachment styles, haven't found the one yet that I'm sticking with.

Prefer the look of lugs

Prefer the look of lugs to TIG welds. More work, but for me there is nothing like a crisp clean braze.

Do you use silver or brass

Do you use silver or brass for brazing? I started with brass, but have since switched to silver. Its much easier to clean up and distorts the tubes far less.

Silver for the lugs

Silver for the lugs. Brass for the horizontal dropouts. If the dropouts are vertical ( then silver. You have to use brass when they're horizontal because the chain stays are slotted and silver wouldn't be strong enough. Brass for lugs would require way too much heat for too long a time to pull through the lug. The tubing becomes compromised. If you're doing fillet brazing then brass makes sense.

Yeah I use LFB on the

Yeah I use LFB on the dropouts as well, though you can make a structurally sound joint at the dropout with silver if you prep the surfaces right. Making the tolerances tight helps ensure a strong joint. I like those plug in ends for the simplicity of them.

Nice Job

Must feel great satisfaction building frame/bike from scratch. Nice work.

- kh

Brazing is fun.

And riding a bike with your name on it is pretty cool too.

Nice work, clean shorelines

Nice work, clean shorelines and beautiful proportions. Like the nod to the mighty Ugo in the graphics as well!

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