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Cinelli Argentovivo mtb

Bike tags: Mountain bike
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quite rare, columbus mtb steel
built for approx 1 year in conjunction with gary fisher
got an italian mtb gruppo on hold for it
needs a respray and decals

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I have its cousin

It's a Tamputocco.
Mayan influenced graphics, similar to the stacked skull you would see on the relief engravings on a central American pyramid.
The forks are like the later Cannondale Pepperonis, and are decaled "Progressive Parabolic Action" came with nice for the time Shimano Exage / LX components very good functioning cantis, and a Cinelli branded quill stem that I can't tell apart from a similar era Salsa!
The paint is in a bit better condition, dent free, but smooth texture, just a metallic "sparkle" type finish.
These were both made in the era when mtn bike sales were increasing exponentially, and road biking was feared soon to be a "pro only" sport with an ever shrinking base.

a quick web browse found

a quick web browse found this in red in LA,the graphics are quite something!

Nice one ! the graphics

Nice one ! the graphics sound interesting!any links for images?

cool frame!

i wonder if you ever produced a fine bike from this frame!?
pics if you did!

still incomplete, I have a

still incomplete, I have a campagnolo group all bar the headset for it, but will be a while before complete project done, other projects take precedent, also have a cinelli nautilus frame and cinelli stratocater to complete

Rare Parts

Rare frames sometimes takes parts that are rare also. I can see how this one is the case. I mean that is if you are not just gonna throw on some Alex rims and a Dimension stem.

no, campagnolo group and

no, campagnolo group and 3ttt stem and bars already in hand, just getting round to getting it painted, also meant to have a next machine with campagnolo and columbus max, but it has not arrived yet
the stratocaster came with factory fitted shimano stx, so i will just use that on it

Sounds Great

Man, that sounds great!

Thanks, the nautilus frame is

Thanks, the nautilus frame is really light,and was pretty much top of the Cinelli tree when it was introduced, so hoping to get a donor bike to cannibalize to get parts

Good Luck

Don't limit yourself to just eBay. You might be able to find some stuff here or on another forum. I've been building up vintage BMX bikes and been having good luck on the forums.


Never seen one before. The upper part of the fork is unique.

nuts ay? the rear flairs out

nuts ay? the rear flairs out like that also,
it has a hour glass figure!
One on Mombat doesn't sem to have the same forks or rear triangle, and others I've seen come with shock forks, so, yes, unusual
Paint will be hard to replicate exactly I think, it's Cinelli Hard Touch, and is textured
I await delivery of a used Cinelli saddle , one with the metal winged C near the nose

Keep It Original

Soak the frame in a solution of oxalic acid (wood bleach for boat decks, comes in powder form) to remove the rust safely without damaging the paint or decals. Frame Saver on the inside and a liberal amount of wax on the exterior. Restore it without overdoing it and losing the character of what you have there.

thanks for the heads up,

thanks for the heads up, I'll try that. the frame does have a small dent on the tt that needs filling, hence the respray, I
ll try the method you suggest anyway to see what the finish is like

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