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Diamant Belgian Track Bike

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Diamant / 61 / 90's

Cinelli Pista / Cinelli 2A

Diamant / Stronlight A9

Miche Primato small flange / Mavic Monthlery Pro / Schwalbe Milano tubular

HED disc / Vittoria Tecno

Campagnolo Record / Campagnolo Centaur

San Marco Concor / Campagnolo Athena

Look PP 396

Track bike that I built for acutual track racing, hopefully I'll be able to take it to Falun this fall. So far I've won two street sprint races on it so I know it's fast.

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Haring ftw

Haring ftw

Love th disc art. I see that

Love th disc art.

I see that you are using a centaur BB with the pista cranks. Is the BB symmetrical? Is your chainline good? I just ordered some campy pista cranks from velomine, and bought a symmetrical 111mm centaur BB from ebay to use with them, but I am concerned because the current run of pista cranksets use an asymmetrical 111mm BB. Thanks!

i'm not sure about symmetry

i'm not sure about symmetry but i do get a perfect 42mm chainlin with it. i tried an 111 mm token bb first and it's also iso and said to be "campy compatible" but it gave me a 44mm chainline so i guess it's meant for road chainsets or maybe the old pistas? so i don't know but i'm happy it works. :-)

I'm using an asymmetrical

I'm using an asymmetrical 110.5 Phil bb on mine and it's all good. I think it measured to 43mm, but not quite certain now. I'll remeasure and report back. If I'm not mistaken, post y2k campy track is asymmetrical.

Thank you both for the

Thank you both for the information. I am assuming I have the same 111mm centaur BB as you, abacaxi, but who knows. I am worried that I will have the problem you had with you Token BB, since the Centaur is meant for double road. Tracksloth if you could re-measure that would be great. The phil woods are just sold as ISO 110.5mm? Dont they also allow for some chainline adjustments? As for post 2000 pista cranks needing asymmetrical BBs, I am not sure that is true because Velomine and a few other places still sell symmetrical pista BBs

Still haven't had a chance

Still haven't had a chance to measure. It's a bit of a mystery, really. I was using the same centaur bb as you and it worked fine, and yes it's meant for symetrical road double but the length is the critical aspect. I only changed up cause it was heavy and prone to rust. The Phil's are available in any and all increments, ISO and JiS but you want ISO of course. They are dual side adjustable. My NDS has just about 5mm threads showing which is the stated limit.

Thanks tracksloth, and dont

Thanks tracksloth, and dont worry about measuring. In the worst case scenario, I can just add a 1-1.5mm spacer on the NDS to compensate if the chainline is too far out at the BB. I didnt want to get the pista BB because it doesnt have weather seals like the road line of BBs. I think if I do get another BB I will get the phil wood 110.5mm ISO just because I know they last a lifetime. But at over 100 bucks I may have to wait a few months. As long as I can modify the centaur BB to get a nearly perfect chainline, however, I will be satisfied. How did it rust? You mean the cups or the bearings?

I don't think you'll need to

I don't think you'll need to modify it at all. Should fit just right. It's not great quality stuff: the shell axle and cups will rust over before long but the bearings are sealed so you won't feel a difference. When you pull it for your ultimate upgrade you'll be amazed it ran so smooth, given the weathered condition. Anyway, it's solid, so no worries. Good luck!

Thanks mang, great to know.

Thanks mang, great to know. I will keep you updated on the situation when I get the setup in late october

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