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Piet de Wit Competition

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Piet de Wit Reynolds 531 step through spaced frame / 57 / 1983


? / Campy GS

GS / Mavic Module e3 Argent / some gumwalled oldie

idem dito


Brooks Professional Lady / SR

some shimano stuff with semi-toeclips / ?

shimano indexed stem (!) shifters / Deore XT

GS / ?

13-28 / 48-42

My gf's early birthday present: a Piet de Wit (stayer legend turned bikeshop owner

His Gazelle's Champion Mondial special editions are still very wanted by bike lovers and this frame may not be a Gazelle, but a quality bike nontheless. 531 all over and Campagnolo equipped, this bike was bought for a special lady. Her late husband was a bike lover, cycling (at speed) on Piet de Wit-CM's into his 90s untill his life ended all of a sudden. His wife no longer rides, but her bike still runs like a dream. I bought it from a good friend of them, a really nice man, who also gave me a box full of campy-/suntour-/dura ace-tools and spare tires.

It is meant to be my gf's commuter, after her chinese-falling-apart-after-riding-up-a-speed-bump omafiets (granny bike) became too dangerous and of course my gf should ride nothing but nice bikes ;) Fingers crossed she take good care of it through the bike-jungle we call Amsterdam.

btw A nice feature is the bike-rack, which is handmade by worldfamous (in Holland) frame builder Jan Groot of Vittorio bikes (see pullup's stable

I hope she likes it...

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nice one Smiley,I got a De

nice one Smiley,

I got a De Witt nos lo-pro from the new shop owner Martin for free,
nice people and one of the best bike shops in Holland,
all top end stuff
pics here

Aah yes that lo pro... I saw

Aah yes that lo pro... I saw it before on your website. That's an amazing gift! Those curved lo pro frames don't even need to be build to look sexy. And that panto'd logo is something as well.

Very Stylish

I see she has a holder for a aero water bottle as well.

Yes the aero bottle is also

Yes the aero bottle is also present, but laying a a kitchen drawer so it doesn't get knicked.

le luxe !!!

le luxe !!!

Super nice Piet de Wit step

Super nice Piet de Wit step trough with nothing but quality components.
Should be a light ride as well

Where is the lock ? ;)

Haha bike thieves were too

Haha bike thieves were too scared they were gonna get photographed by some idiot circling around some green bike.

With this gearing the ride is light enough to be climbing all the 20% canalbridges we got ;)

Btw could it be that Jan Groot build the frame as well for PdW? Since he wasn't a framebuilder and there probably aren't a lot of this model PdW's around... That drilled lug makes me wonder.

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