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McBain Workhorse

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | australia | fyxomatosis | monstertrack | more tags >>
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McBain - Australian Made Custom 70's

Cinelli track stem (ex-Zach of Trackstar) - Vintage steel track bars

Double plate crown, Ultegra

Phil 28H Track on Deep V, Handbuilt by Zach

Phil 28H 2x Track on Deep V, Handbuilt by Zach

Superbe Pro 167.5, Phil

Vintage Regal, Cheap post

Shimano SPD or Campy track with double straps depending on the weather


Sharp clearances, deadly steering. Second in Monstertrack - again ;) Campy dropouts, tips. 57tt x 56st.

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Wow, you mention deadly steering. That bike looks fiercely tight and quick. Looks like a blast to ride. Nice bike cunt!


second in monstertrack?

second in monstertrack? damn. sick bike

great pic.

i love the picture of this one.. a bit of thought went in to it fair play..
nice one.

nice to see...

such a well worked, well ridden machine. I love everything about this bike.

Best bike, worst bike

Dear TrackCunt
I wish I could start off every letter I write with those words.
Enjoy your bici, bitch!

So it goes



Yep, this guy has one very classy bicycle. Regarding starting of letters, if you're writing to a official or government (as in tax) person, as long as all your bikes are in your wife's name, there's no reason at all you should feel any restraint.

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