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Koga Miyata 'Prologue' (1991)

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One of my older aluminum frames -with a threaded stem and of course all kinds of different parts- suddenly had tiny little cracks in its steering tube.

The replacement, now switched to a modern 10sp rear hub (with Shimano brifters still in the pipeline), is this one presented here.

In friction mode, the old levers are remarkably capable of all ten sprockets, which I was not so sure of.

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Japanese anybody ?

As my own language skills are rather limited (they don't exist - and yes, Koga is dutch), and as I need to have a white logo decal on this black seat tube, I have a question for you: Is this proper (i.e. 'acceptable') Japanese ? Wikipedia claims that 'Koga' is a family name and was in ancient times something like a Ninja clan. I also think that there are several typesetting systems in Japanese. Therefore, can I write this 'Japanese' text like that ? P.S.: If you feel a 'haiku' coming on, feel free to post it as well (with translation, please).

甲 (Ko)
賀 (Ga)

流 (flow)
忍 (endure - Nin)
術 (technique - Ja)

You'll never see the Koga

You'll never see the Koga Flow Ninja coming!

If you're not riding to Japan, I say go for it! It's a cool idea. But if you're going Japanese style, you should get an omamori as well ;)

btw Koga's were always mounted with Shimano, cause Koga imported that stuff as well. But Sugino or Suntour would make it stand out.


:D - Thanks for your kind words, Smiley. - Every true Koga Ninja pupil should -among all the other techniques- also be taught in 'Goog-Jutsu' (the art of how to use the imperial Google translator). In doing so, however, he must never underestimate the ever-corrective power of his hidden Japanese co-posters: A force always to be reckoned with (or at least to still hope for) !

(Hitotsu no otoko ga hitoban de sen no nodo o kiru koto ga dekiru)
(One single man can cut a thousand throats in one night)

甲賀 流忍術
(Jiǎhè liú rěnshù) - ???
(Koga Ninjutsu flow)


Thanks guys for all that valuable input. @Veggie, yes I am indeed looking for a braze-on adapter clamp in 28.6mm, preferably a black one. My frame has no braze on socket for the FD that I already have. As far as I understand, 28.6mm is a bit smaller than the 'classic' steel tubes from e.g. Columbus. My (franconian) local bike stores, virtually all of them, don't seem to care at all.

28.6 is pretty standard.

28.6 is pretty standard.

Are you looking for a FD in

Are you looking for a FD in 28.6 or a braze on adapter? braze on adapters should be really easy to find, I have ne her sitting on my desk in 28.6


The "indexing" on a FD is not nearly as critical as the geometry of the rear, go ahead and try a cheaper clamp on front the fits the tube. You may be surprised how easily it sets up.

Downtube shifters should

Downtube shifters should easily be able to "handle" 10sp as the freehub body width is the same for 8, 9, 10, and 11sp.

They are indeed very easy to

They are indeed very easy to set up as friction shifting. Just keep in mind the spacing between the gears is smaller so be careful with how far up or down you move the shifter.

Friction shifting for the front derailleur is sweet because you just have to worry about the limit screws, besides that the tension almost never needs adjustment.

It's true, I've done it and

It's true, I've done it and it works reasonably well. Better with a 9s cluster, however, as the highest cog proved to be a bit of a stretch and tended to jump back down under pedaling force. I believe mine was a 25t so perhaps 23 will cooperate better. Good luck!

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