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Fuji track 52 sons bike

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Fuji track/ 52 / ???

Fuji / Fuji

Fuji / ????

Zipp 303 carbon tubular/zip hub/continental tubular/ other is mavic ksyrium elite w mavic hub specialized tire

Zipp 303 carbon tubular/zip hub/continental tubular/ other is track rim with formula flip flop hub & specialized tire

????/ ?????

argon/ ????


N/A / NA

shimano 105 / origin 8

48 / 15 & freewheel on other side is 16 but he rides fixed only.


Sons track bike / 1st wheelset is from my bike the zipp 303 , the last picture is his 2nd set of wheels. he uses the polar 725x with cadence,speed & hrm. If you wonder about the wonderful chainguard, I had to install one because one day as we were sprinting at the park his pant leg got caught in the chain and he did a marvelous skid and yelled so loud i thought he was getting kidnapped.

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smaller frame....

Your kid needs a smaller bike if that's the only set up that will fit him.

But you have to assume that

But you have to assume that his kid is going to grow quite a bit (given that fixedmiami must be 5'10 or taller) and it doesnt make sense to buy him a perfect fit frame that he will outgrow quickly. fixedmiami seems to have done the same with the road bike.

Sons bike size.

Thank you guys for dropping in, nice to meet you all!.The current setup is akward but done for a reason and Mancha 150 hit the nail on the head. My son is growing very quickly and i was about to buy him smaller sized frames but soon realized he will outgrow 2 bikes,that equals ALLOT of $$$$. The road bike setup was originally on his track bike, i now have to get him the same setup for the track bike so this is provisional. He does fit both frames well and rides them fine with both in the group rides.Guys i want to thank you again for your comments


What's the bike weigh with those 303's? Something about that bar/stem setup looks a little janky.. maybe a shorter/lower stem?

The bars

Hey there! the Bike has lightened up dramatically with the zipp tubulars. I would guess weight is in the 15-16 lbs.the only item that is left that is really heavy are the pedals but the bike itself is light. At the moment the bars are positioned this way because due to the setup of the seatpost,but we are on the search for a shorter stem, compact bars and proper seatpost. this was a quick setup to get son on the road. He prefers his track bike on the road.Both my son and i prefer to ride our fixed gear bikes over our road bikes. Danger is allot more fun!

Get your son some compact

Get your son some compact handlebars, that looks awkward on the wrists!
Baller bike

Compact bar

Yes sir, Actually this bike had the compact bars and compact stem but i took them and put them on his road bike. now to get a 2nd set. Work in progress , thanks for stopping by.

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