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Miyata 1000

Nitto Noodles, Nitto Technomic

Stock Miyata, Tange

Mavic Open Pro

Mavic Open Pro

Stock Shimano

Brooks Team Pro

Shimano SPD-SL

This is a bike I built up for long distance riding. I have a Tubus rear rack and Gilles Berthoud stainless steel fenders and will install these soon. The bike is very smooth and comfortable to ride.

Edit** I have updated the pictures with the rack, fenders, and bag installed.

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Loaded Touring

Very nice setup. My T700 is a 25" and my Expedition is a 62cm. I've added you to the cluster.


It looks a lot like my 100 in general appearance, I guess the Berthoud fenders are much responsible for that. This is the first 63 cm I've seen, it's the largest size of the 1000 as far as I know. I have two 60 cm 1000 frames, but they are too small for me unfortunately.

edit: oh yes, it seems like the main large picture of your the bike have been replaced. I think it's a bug in the file upload system. I hope you can upload a new one?

If you're interested in a

If you're interested in a loaded touring frame/bike, my Expedition is available. BB stamped as 62, it was sold originally as a 24" with a 35.5" standover.

Well, we live on different

Well, we live on different continents... ;) But it looks like a really nice bike.

I just started to put together a Miyata 1000. It's already in working order, but amongst other things I will switch to a narrower BB, maybe other cranks as well, and also get some good racks for it.

To bad there isn't that much space for wider tires on the One Thousand. I'd love to be able to fit 37-40 mm tires with fenders, but that would be impossible. Up to 34 mm wide tires works, but 32 is a safer choice.

Paint & decals?

Hi, your Miyata looks fantastic. I am restoring a 1981 Miyata 1000. Is your bike repainted? Are the decals new? Do you know where I could get some decals?

Yes, I had the bike

Yes, I had the bike repainted. It was soaked in oxalic acid first then painted. I'm really happy with the results.

Here are some build pictures.

I got the decals from a guy in bike forums

He goes by the handle of JRrestore. Since he has already done the artwork on the decals it shouldn't be a problem for him to make some up for you.




The Gilles look beautiful. How do you feel about Honjo fenders?

Man, I love your bike, hows

Man, I love your bike, hows the nitto technomic stem? I want to get one (primarily for the height) but whats the quality like and that?

The Technomic stems are

The Technomic stems are first rate in quality. I wouldn't use anything else.


Nitto Technomic

I just switched to a Nitto Technomic on my 80's Nishiki, that extra two inches of handlebar height makes so much difference. I'm safer because I can keep my hands on the brakes all the time, and I'm comfortable without being completely upright.

BTW, your bike is awesome!


I love the classic style. The color of the Brooks works perfectly with the paint. Well done!
I have been kicking around ideas for a similar build, and the most readily available racks are all black. Did you look for silver? That would be my only aestetic change.

Thanks for the complements.

Thanks for the complements.

Yea, I'm replacing the rear rack with another Tubus model. It's called the Cosmo and it's made of stainless steel tubing. I already had the rack that is on the bike and I wanted to get it on the road.

I'm really impressed with the Miyata 1000. Buttery smooth ride.


Really beautiful. I've got to get something like this when I build a shed.

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