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custom road bike ox platinum and dedacciai

Bike tags: Road bike | road dedacciai ox platinum true temper dura ace suntour tange
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56.5 st 54 tt

cinelli 64/dura ace 7400

custom/dura ace 7400

dura ace 7400/dt/mavic open 4/gp 4000

dura ace 7400/dt/mavic open 4/gp 4000

dura ace 7400/dura ace

selle italia/dura ace


dura ace 7400 2x8

dura ace

This one rides like a track bike but has all the fun of gears and brakes. Never owned a bike that hugs the road so well. Eclectic combination of tubing including dedacciai, ox platinum, and tange prestige fork blades. The seat tube is dimpled to shorten the wheel base, super responsive steering and the steel provides a soft ride. Loving this vintage dura ace equipment. Took a little time cutting the lugs for this one, lug lining coming soon!

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I love that tight geo!

Thanks, yeah like I had

Thanks, yeah like I had wrote in the description I love the feeling of track bikes, so I thought why not do that with gears. This bike hugs the road so well!

Great thinking!

I love this.

Have you considered

Have you considered outlining the lugs?

Someone didn't read the

Someone didn't read the notes

Blast! Surprisingly I did

Blast! Surprisingly I did read the notes, I somehow missed the last line.

haha yeah coming soon here

haha yeah coming soon here

Fantastic bike

Looks great, you dont have even room to fit paper between the teat tube and the rear wheel


Thanks, yeah the clearance is tight, no 25mm tires happening, have to make sure my wheel stays true

This is so friggin' cool.

This is so friggin' cool. When I get around to diving into frame building I want to build something very similar: track bike with gears!


Yeah I got into 700c bikes on vintage track frames. I've always felt most comfortable on bikes with steep angles and quick turning, road bikes with this geometry were a large part of my interest in frame building.

Very nice work. Is the dt

Very nice work. Is the dt ttox? What went into the choice of tubing and placement?


Good guess, the down tube and headtube are ox. I just had an ox headtube so that was an easy choice, as for the downtube I wanted something light yet stiff, this was a perfect choice. The rest of the frame is dedacciai which I also had a set of, but the ox dt was lighter than the deda tube, and according to specs stiffer. The fork is tange prestige, which are some of the lightest fork blades around, and have a great heat treat to them yielding excellent strength. I also like the look of the tange blades.

tt ox

also, this is only the second time I've worked with ox tubing, and it is such a pain to file and miter, kills my files. The first frame I built using ox tubing was way too stiff for my 130lb self. So, I thought the combination of deda with a stiff down tube might be a good way to go to give me a little flex.

Sounds like

a nice adjustment in tubing ;)

Awesome Work

Real attention to detail. I like it!


Thanks to both of you, Im really stoked on this one. I built a friend of mine a similar frame for a trade, I think his may be even nicer, pics on that one once it is built up.

Yea my ox track bike was

Yea my ox track bike was insanely stiff. It's good to mix in just the way that you have done. I heard that about the hardness, the difficulty filing/shaping. But, hey, when its worth it, right?

for sure, I will definitely

for sure, I will definitely be using the ox as a downtube in the future. I think I may rebuild another using columbus el and the ox just to compare the deda to the columbus.

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