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Trek 2300 composite - sons first road bike. old frame but good

Bike tags: Road bike | mavic cosmic pro | TREK 2300 COMPOSITE | tubular | zipp 303
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Trek 2300 Composite lugged frame / size 52 / 1992

trek /

zipp 303 tubular / zipp hub / Continental sprinter T / Spare rims Mavic Cosmic Pro

zipp 303 tubular / zipp hub / Continental competition T / Spare rims Mavic Cosmic Pro

Campagnolo / shimano ultegra

Selle Italia / origin 8

shimano Deore

Shimano Ultegra 9spd / Rear D Shimano Ultegra / front D shimano 600

shimano 600 / shimano Ultegra 9spd

11-19 straight sequential custom cassette (homemade) / 53-39 / polar hrm with power meter

Picked up frame 2 weeks ago but did not look at all like it does now. I took off all the original 8 spd shimano 600 and replaced them with Shimano Ultegra 9 spd, custom home made 9 spd cassette 11-19 straight sequential. swapped handle & stem , wheels in picture are daddy's race wheels and installed Polar 725i Hrm with power meter although not shown in picture. 52 miles in 3 days with original wheels so today 8/2 i decided to loan him my tubular race wheels to see how he would like the feel, well he loved it. Hope you all enjoy. bye 8/24/13 i purchased a set of Mavic Cosmic Pro in NOS condition, absolutely flawless. will put them on in a week and take them for a ride.

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Nice looking bike! How old is he?? I wouldn't give him those wheels though, too nice for his first bike, no? We are now in the same situation as you, just finished one for him.


Thank you , My son is 10. The wheels are a spare set i have and will probably end up letting him use them since i love the way it looks more than he does. He shows allot of interest in cycling always seeing dad ride so first he asked for a fixed gear like mine and we ride allot together, its a great way to bond, DO IT NOW before he get older because once the girls & friends are around he wont know you. Congrats to you for being in the same situation, I hope you and your son bond well and build wonderful moments & memories together. Thank you for everything

How is that 19 working out

How is that 19 working out for him?

The 19

Hi, Thanks for stopping by! The 19 works pretty well. My son prefers to use the small chainring in front and work between the 15 thru 11 in back. he is still getting use to riding a road bike since i started him with a Fixed gear for his first bike,He does not like changing gears, Its very confusing for him. That reminds me fixed gear bike posted soon. .

the 19

Ok, if THAT is already confusing him, what else probably will ??? ...The 'gear inches' or 'meters of development' for adolescent racers are in most cases regulated for health reasons. The acceptable upper limit for meters of development for road racing are, according to years of age (there might be slight differences in your state):

17/18 y 7.93 m
15/16 y 7.01 m
13/14 y 6.10 m
11/12 y 5.66 m
01/10 y 5.66 m

However, your set-up is in 'meters of development' with [53,39] and [11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19] (interpolated):
[10.01,9.27,8.56,7.95,7.42,6.95,6.55,6.18,5.85] big chainring
[7.44,6.82,6.30,5.85,5.46,5.12,4.81,4.55,4.31] small one

In other words -depending on his age- the cassette should at least be [15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23]. If your son prefers, as you put it, 'to use the small chainring in front and work between the 15 thru 11 in back', that is in meters [7.44,6.82,6.30,5.85,5.46], and as such no wonder and pretty much in accordance to the law. - Wrong cassette.

Meters of development

Hi, thank you for this valuable info. I will be cross referencing it with other light training regimen i have for my son & i while at the velodrome and on road. The cassette i have on his bike (11-19)is actually one that i built for myself and i put it on his bike for an outing but he will not be using this cassette. The cassette he uses is actually the 11-23. His track bike has a chainring 48 & 15 and he rides that endlessly at the velo & when we go to the park and he only rides it fixed he hates freewheel.the current gearing does not bother him at all. I appreciate all your shared knowledge and will put it to good use. thank you once again for everything.

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