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Gazelle Titan Team Golff 1998

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Titanium / 58 / 1998?


Time / Mavic

Ultegra hub to Rigida rim in team colour

idem dito


Concor / Giant

Time Equipe Pro magnesium / 9sp chain



52-42 / 11-23

Was always curious about titanium and got the chance of purchasing this bike for a more than reasonable price (but on the top level of my budget). It's the old bike of former pro rider Jan van Velzen (nephew of six times world champion Keetie van Oosten-Hage) from his days at the Golff team.. Last pic you see him on the left after he finished second in the 1998 Pijnacker crit (which also featured the late TdF winner Marco Pantani.

First little ride it made a very stiff impression. Note that I'm used to ride late 70's Reynolds steel, so I'm easily impressed with Ti stiffness. Also the brifters needed a little getting used to. The bike itself is not as light as I imagined, but still a lot lighter than my lightest bike (531c tubes). I found out that a frame with such oversized tubing, carbon fork and brifters makes a whole different kind of noise on bumpy roads than my steel rides.

The downtube has a welding seam on top which runs all the way down and at the bottom parts you clearly notice the welding 'flow-bubble' or whatever you call it. Makes me wonder about welding Ti.

Update: now ridden by Jan (once again!)

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Seat tube diameter

Hey guys - I was just fortunate enough to get my hand on one of these (in red). Would anyone know what front mech band-on diameter to get for it? Also what is the seatpost diameter? Thanks


Just get a caliper and measure. Of course my plastic caliper that I bought for 1 EUR is useless for real technical purposes, but it measures mm and fractions of mm, so its 'good enough' for bike related stuff.

A close friend of mine bought a Shimano STI equipped road bike with quite a similar aluminium frame (different manufacturer) for almost nothing - 120 EUR, if I remember correctly. When he had called up and asked for advice I was at first not convinced, ... till I actually saw it. Unfortunately, I did not check the labels.

This one here seems to be a titanium alloy with 3 Aluminium 2,5 Vanadium, i.e. Ti-3Al-2,5V: 'Grade 9 contains 3.0% aluminium and 2.5% vanadium. This grade is a compromise between the ease of welding and manufacturing of the "pure" grades and the high strength of Grade 5. It is commonly used in aircraft tubing for hydraulics and in athletic equipment'.

A rarity for sure. That

A rarity for sure. That downtube is wild! Fork/headset appears to be Time/Mavic.

Never Seen One

I've never seen a Gazelle like this one before. Very fascinating bike.

The famous TVM team also

The famous TVM team also rode on these bikes (for a short period in 97/98 no less - I wonder why :) ), and a small Dutch team called Jo van Aerle. Very hard to find anything on these, but I'll make sure to post it if I find any.

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