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Panasonic Aero 1984

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Panasonic Aero, Tange steel / 58cm / 1984

3T Ergonova 40cm / 3T ARX 110mm

Panasonic Aero, Tange steel / Tange NJS

Zipp 202

Zipp 202

Sram RED Black edition / GXP Road

Turbo / Random 26.8mm Carbon

Speedplay Zero (not on pic) / Sram PC1090

Sram RED Black edition

Sram RED Black edition

Sram RED Cassette

Old frame, new components. Best combo ever.

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Hello !!!, this horse is very similar to my bike, with some variations, and armed to my taste, I can only say that they are fantastic trips !! oh and never sell this, check this out. "Sweet dreams on the Road", zzz-zzz-ZZZ-ZZZ. greetings from Mexico City, friends of the world.

Panasonic / Jupiter King

This is the most amazing ride I have ever seen on the web. And expensive too! :) How would you compare your frame to the Jupiter King? Here are some pictures, a guy is selling it for 200 euros.

Wow! Fantatic! mer

Wow! Fantatic! mer bilder...snälla...


yes.. that's something else. frameset is a beauty. only gripe is the re-issue turbo. go with an original!

maybe an overkill for a low

not columbus air
but hell of a nice bike in the end.

what a stunner

Gorgeous bike, it's done really classy and clean. I like how you gave it a modern spin but still kept it vintage with the gum walls and a Turbo saddle.


(P.S. the only thing i think that would make this this perfect would be to use a quill stem and bar, it would make it flow more with the frame, the current stem looks a little out of place. But i'm just nickpicking at this point, awesome build! btw, get your hand out of the pics! get a display stand already! :)

+1 on the quill. I've never

+1 on the quill. I've never cared for the adapters, the transition to the headset doesn't look quite right.

Great hot rod

I see we think alike. People will wonder what passed them. Super year for Panasonic, 1984. Also had the Team bikes?

Hard to beat the Tange tubing, easily comparable to any other tubing.

And you did a great job with it. Frame builders always want folks like you to do great things with their frames. You filled that order.

Robbie ♪♫♪...☻

Game over. Best vintage bike

Game over. Best vintage bike with modern parts I've seen.

Oh god yes.

Oh god yes.


this thing rules. and those wheels with the gumwalls look really good.

are you using a quill-to-threadless adaptor? how is it? also, what's up with the cable guides - no way to place them in the more traditional position so that the shifter cables are more or less parallel to the downtube?

Are you referring to the

Are you referring to the down tube shifter mounts? They are on top of the downtube rather than on the sides because this is an "Aero" model. I guess the idea was to keep them tucked out of the wind. My Pinarello TT had the same configuration.

Aero shifter mounts...

Piggyback shifter mounts always present a problem when upgrading to modern stuff. The mounts become stops, and there is routing both before and after the mounts. Updating components is more difficult the farther you go back in time.

Note the cable routing for the RD: it never goes below the BB, but routes above it, instead. This is always an issue in the smooth operation of upgraded components. Many of these above-the-BB-routings for FD's also include an FD that has a built-in cable stop on it; another issue to deal with. Slowie didn't include those pictures, but I guarantee he had to deal with those issues.

Robbie ♪♫♪...☻

It doesn't get much better

It doesn't get much better than this! Bravo to you sir.

Great bike!!

Must be a fantastic ride! Can you compare to carbon??

Fantastic indeed! It's not

Fantastic indeed! It's not really as stiff as a carbon frame, and it's 3 times the weight. The overall feeling when riding is pretty close to what carbon feels like tho!

Holy aero Tange tubing! What

Holy aero Tange tubing! What a supercool ride...

Got more pics?

Once i find a proper

Once i find a proper background for a "photosession" i'll post more pic's! ;)

sick bike

soooo approved!!! clean contrast and just well done!!

Awesome! Way to revitalize a

Awesome! Way to revitalize a good oldie. I bet it rides so nice.

Wow, absolutely stunning.

Wow, absolutely stunning. Awesome frame. What's the weight? I just built up a similar tange-steel frame with sram force.

Thanks! It's at 8.6kg with

Thanks! It's at 8.6kg with the pedals.

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