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Look KG 196 Mektronic

Bike tags: Road bike | Look Kg 196 KG196 Mavic3G Mavic 3G Mektronic
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Look KG 196 56cm

Cinelli Criterium / Intergrated Stem


Mavic 3G

Look San Marco Rolls

Look Keo Carbon

Mavic Mektronic Wireless Gearset

Shimano 105 / Mavix

Nothing like overtaking a modern carbon bike, riding this old beast!

Mektronic electronic gearing has never missed a beat.

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Lovely machine

I have two sets of Mektronic and several Zapp groups. One is mounted on my Pinerello Vuelta and like you, it has never missed a beat. What size is the frame?
Kindest regards

Its a 56cm, i think. the

Its a 56cm, i think. the Mek, is good, isn't it. Im sure i won't be saying that when it gives up.


There is not a lot that can go wrong with the Mek. I would say buy some Meks just in case. All systems go wrong and at least the Mektronic is cheaper than the modern equivalents. Failing that I would buy this machine from you when you feel you need to sell.
Just love this machine.
Kindest regards

Nice build! I'm jealous of

Nice build! I'm jealous of your rear wheel and seatpost. I can't find a 25mm look carbon post for mine, or when I do it's super expensive.

Seat posts

Regarding this, a gent called Geoff Burgess who runs a bike/classic spare parts business in Hungary might be of help.
I have bought masses of arts and bikes from him. Really good vendor.
Kindest regards

mmmm you do see a few on

mmmm you do see a few on ebay, re the seatpost. but alas, tres expensive.

the wheel is great, but its cluster is locked on.

definitely want a close-up on that system

Yes, please rename your shots with unique titles and re-upload them. It's frustrating to see the thumbnail versions of the closeup shots, then get some chipped old Specialized when you click on them. What to see that system up close!

Do you really like that

Do you really like that Mektronic group? I worked on a bike at the shop with that group on it and it was sort of awful. Everything was so sluggish. Then again the bike had been sitting in a hot attic for years. So hot that all the electrical tape under the bartape had melted and the computer's screen died.

I wouldn't say its sluggish,

I wouldn't say its sluggish, but it sure isnt fast!

That is sex, but yeah,

That is sex, but yeah, rename your pictures. What crankset is that?

I love your bike, but you

I love your bike, but you should rename the file names of the photos you uploaded to something unique, so the kona and specialized bikes don't pop up instead of your Look.

renamed. cheers for the

renamed. cheers for the heads up.

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