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Accidental Pipebomb

Bike tags: Track bike | Broakland Pipebomb | campagnolo | wound up
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Broakland Pipebomb purple sparkle/chameleon green

Nitto RB021 + Steelman Custom 115mm

Wound Up + Chris King 1"

Campagnolo Record Pista + Mavic Open 4CD + Continental Grand Prix 4-Season

Campagnolo Record Pista + Mavic Open 4CD + Continental Grand Prix 4-Season

Campagnolo Record Pista 165 + Campagnolo Record Pista 111

Flite + Thomson Elite

MKS Custom Nuevo + Izumi

Sugino Mighty 46t + Euro Asia EAI 15t // Cinelli Vollee bartape

Funny story. I read a PKD novel set in Oakland and two days later I scored a Broakland.
I wasn't looking for another bike. I didn't need another track bike, that's for sure. I bought this for the fork and sundry parts..But who can resist a new toy? So by and by I built it up with parts from my Presto, figuring I might as well take it for a spin and see what the hype's all about. Well that was it. Turns out this thing rocks!!
Sometimes you gotta make Lemonade!

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Cool, I like the setup. If

Cool, I like the setup. If it were mine I'd throw a less harsh chain color on and a not so bulky stem.

Already made some changes.

Already made some changes.

Nice, looks much better! How

Nice, looks much better! How about a silver seatpost? I'm a pain aren't I?

Thy will be done

Thy will be done


Daddy! Awesome paint too, I hadn't noticed until the close-up.

Cool studio.

still one of my favorites,

still one of my favorites, the Street Fighter is also worth looking at ...

Hellenic Seat Stays

Nice! Track bike with a short wheelbase, Easton EC90 Fork, and purple sparkle looks to be a great combo.

Thanks dude! The sparkles

Thanks dude! The sparkles are fasst. Spectrum knows their shit. I don't believe these are considered Hellenic stays as its merely a triple triangle joined by a gusset. I would kill for a monostay.


Wow, a paintjob by Spectrum.


Is who I gather they used. Maybe not. From what i can tell this is an early broak build..So Helenic is the correct term apparently. Not sure why I thought it referred to monostay. In any case, this bike is sick! I've retired my poor 40+ yr old Presto for now it shall await a paint job and spend some time on the wall as art while I spend time jamming on the broak.

The bike is seriously called

The bike is seriously called a pipebomb? I'm not normally the one to get bent out of shape because of a joke, but it seems pretty insensitive for a company to name a product as such. Anyway, that's just my opinion.


If you are seriously offended by the name of a bicycle, then you should probably get off the internet. There are all kinds of offensive things on the internet.
Grow a set, and get over it. In a world where society is circling the drain, you should focus more on real issues, than on the "offensive title" of a bicycle.
Just sayin'.

..."In a world where society is

"In a world where society is circling the drain"
This is unrelated to the bike, but no it's not. You seem to be pessimistic.

I'm not offended, I just think it's weird that a company would market their product with that name. I like how you are apathetic about others and their feelings, then you try to argue for solving real issues that could help society. They are one in the same. Also you have no idea what I do, or don't do to help others, for all you know I could be Jesus 2.0 or some shit.

Just wordplay, not a big deal IMO

Not to get into a whole thing about it but these were being made pre-9/11. I actually lived on Staten Island for a while and my bikes were sniffed for bombs twice daily. And it doesn't bother me.

Did this bike specifically

Did this bike specifically get sniffed by bomb sniffing dogs? That would be quite ironic if that were the case.


There are some interesting stories if you read up on the band This Bike is a Pipe Bomb! Many people have had run-ins with the law for leaving their bike with the band's sticker parked near an airport or government building.

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