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My Yamaguchi School Criterium Bicycle

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Fillet brazed True Temper / 53.5 / March 2012

Planet X Compact / Fillet brazed 4130 1" Threadless with 31.8 clamp

Handmade Lugged Steel / Chris King

Kinlin / Panaracer

Kinlin / Panaracer

Campagnolo Athena / Campagnolo Record

Specialized Toupe / Fausto Coppi

Shimano / Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Athena Carbon / Campagnolo Athena

Campagnolo Athena

Hello everyone,

I built this bike while attending Yamaguchi framebuilding school in March of 2012. I made the frame, fork, and stem.
It has steep headtube and seattube angles. I also made the bottom bracket drop similar to that of a track bike. Enjoy ; D


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Dope!! What is up with dat hood placement doe? Hehe, you know I had to say it! Lets bomb cannon!

Fast geometry

The tight geometry, specially the fork angle and must have made this a very nervous bike, a bike that begs more speed to stay stable. Not that "just turn the pedals and enjoy the scenery" kind of bike. You got to remain connected to the steering at all times, and descents can be frightening. I like this kind of geometry on a single speed. But not for long rides. If you get to choose one bike among others in your fleet, you will not choose a criterium bike for a century.

I would have added a bridge behind the bottom bracket, for increased rigidity and I wonder if this kind of seatstay tubing feels too harsh.

Notwithstading the comments on geometry, which I must add are purely wild guessing since I haven't ridden the bike, the bike is lovely, and the chosen components have added grace to it. Kudos for your work!


its a standard rake 40mm fork with 73.5/73.5 angles. I don't do centuries very often. I mostly ride 30-50 mile group rides with my friends or lonewolf it. Its steel! The ride isn't going to be harsh because of the seatstays. I ride without hands all the time and the geometry makes the descents even more fun! Live alittle, you sound like kind of a nancy boy! Oh and thanks for the backhanded compliment ; )

Nothing like the owner's telling how it rides

Well, my ramblings on frame geometry and riding characteristics were from someone who has never actually ridden this bike, merely a voicing of a belief grounded on looks ungrounded by first-hand experience.
I ride 2 steel road bikes, a Pinarello and a Peugeot, and the frame/geometry makes them ride very much differently. Truth of the matter, I'm pretty much convinced that geometry and building characteristics make much more of a difference that frame material.

I really dig those steep

I really dig those steep angles, the high bb and the fact that it's good ol' True Temper steel.



...Love that USA steel!

Great color!

I really like your bike. I would like to attend one of the frame building schools. I went to BBI for a refresher on the new components but would love the frame building! What are your plans for using the training?


I'm acquiring my equipment right now still. My jigs and alignment table are being machined right now. I should be up and running by July.

A beauty!

This bike is pure class, I've been thinking about building a fully filleted frame myself. I would love to take Yamaguchi's class, he seems as though he'd be very insightful


Do you have a jig?


Yeah I have a Bringheli jig, it takes some time setting up but very well constructed


my bringheli jig is on the way! Along with the large alignment table!

re: jig

yeah they are nice I have nothing to complain about especially for the price, Joe is a really nice guy too. I would love to get the alignment table one day, I use more obscure methods for determining alignment as of now.

1" headtubes

always been curious about Yamaguchi's adherence to them. Any idea why?


He says there is no need to run a 1 1/8 headtube on a steel bicycle. He says the reason the 1 1/8 headtube came about was the use of new materials, such as aluminum and carbon, needing larger diameters to obtain the same strength as steel of a lesser diameter.

good to know

That makes sense. thanks for the response!

almost forgot to say, lovely bike.

Top notch my friend, tight

Top notch my friend, tight geo always makes a bike better.

Thank you very much

Tight is always better!


...very, very, extraordinary !
Why did it take so long ? :D


Just wanted the right pictures for the profile. The bicycle has been finished since last July/August.

Yeah finally is right. Jesus

Yeah finally is right. Jesus you really did it to it.


I was waiting for my pictures. I wanted it to be right when I posted it.

That's awesome

Great frame design. I'm taking the course in September, can't wait!


Can't wait to have another 'guchi school alum on vs. My frame jig and alignment table are being machined as we speak! So soon there will be more frames to come. I'll be sure to start a building thread.


This is so nice. Congrats!!

amazing paint job

is amazing. to do it justice with indoor lighting is no small trick, but you appear to have pulled it off. nice work. it must be mind-blowing in brilliant sunshine (and unphotographable).


my parents are professional photographers...its nice lol. And yes, in daylight its really hard to photograph and obtain true color.

Great School

So cool to have been taught by a master. Bike came out great.

Thank you, it was a great

Thank you, it was a great honor to be taught by him. He has stories for days.





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