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Early 2000s Gios TT bike

Bike tags: Road bike
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Gios / 53cm / 2000 roughly

Cinelli Angel 1"

Campagnolo Vento

Campagnolo Vento

Campagnolo Record

Flite Ti (recovered) / Thomson Elite 0SB

Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo Record

I'm mildly obsessed with both vintage TT bikes and hopelessly antiquated engineering. This thing is the perfect Venn diagram overlap.

According to the seller, it once belonged to Danny Summerhill (Garmin) - raced by him as a junior and also his mom, a triathlete.

It's just weird enough that I like it, and uses 700c wheels so I can race it on occasion. I stripped it and rebuilt with a relatively modern groupset and a Cinelli Angel my buddy raced back in the day and gave me to use.

It handles like a '66 Galaxie 500 after you polished off a bottle of Cuervo, and the Angel cockpit is as slammed as any funny bike. But it is absurdly FAST, in those moments I can get ahold of the thing. Of course I will mess with the fit, jack up the cockpit a bit, so I can actually stay in decent aero position for more than a minute. It also has a ridiculous 72˚ STA, so I put on a zero-setback post to get the saddle a little closer to where it should be by today's standards.

It's suprisingly light at 17.5 pounds with the Ventos. Probably a pound less with my DV46 race wheels.

Anyway, here it is.

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How did you end up

How did you end up converting your rear wheel?


Hey! Not sure I follow. It is a 9-10 speed freehub already, though I have done several swaps between 8- and 9- speed freehubs over the years. It's not hard. Is that what you're talking about?

Interesting. I always

Interesting. I always assumed the Ventos had an 8speed freehub body, like the Shamals do. I asked because I have been thinking about converting my Shamal to get more life out of it but havn't found to much reliable info.

Get a low-end 9 speed hub

Get a lower-end 9 speed hub like Veloce or Mirage - the guts are interchangeable. The high-end stuff like Chorus and Record have oversized axles, and won't fit in the hub body.

Good tip. I have heard a

Good tip. I have heard a little about this, but never knew anyone to do it, so I was skeptical. Time to look through some spare parts bins and raid my LBS!

Really nice

This is the kind of bike that makes me want to go ride a bike.

Very nicely done.

As a fan of TT bike, this is a well done example.

Thanks! I've spent many

Thanks! I've spent many minutes drooling over your Colnago Mapei TT.

Quite a Beast

Looks functional to say the least.

stitched leather tt bar

stitched leather tt bar wrap?? awesome!!

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