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Cinelli Gazzetta Bel Nero

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cinelli gazzetta

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1inch headset ??

It's amazing bike.

I want to know how you can use 1 inch headset on gazzetta !

I knew that frame was 1 1/8" size.

please teach me how you can .


Thank you! I used a headtube reducer and a 1inch headset


Thanks a lot,
I didn't know there is such thing to change.
Did you use Problem Solvers's 'HeadTube Reducer (1+1/8 to 1inch)' ?
I want to change my own gazzetta too.


Yeah I think it was a different brand off eBay but its the same concept. It's probably the cleanest way to do it; even though you need to buy more parts. Good luck on your project!

Nice Bike

How's the saddle? I have one coming in the mail and i don't really know what to expect.


It's comfortable. Really flexible and lightweight.

What's the point of lowering

What's the point of lowering your ground clearance and changing your headtube angle both significantly by swapping the 700c fork for a 650c one? Just the "cool" hipster factor? :')


Are you being sarcastic? All the changes I've made made no difference when riding from the 700c except for looks. And none of that hipster shit here ; ]

Sarcastic? You claim that

Sarcastic? You claim that changing the front fork and wheel from 700c to 650c did not change your bike except for looks. Can you say that without laughing? Because you can't seriously believe that it did not change the bottom bracket height (ground clearance) and the angle of the head tube, which combined have a drastic influence (the changed head tube angle makes the bike more nervous and the decreased ground clearance means your pedals will hit the ground sooner when cornering). Typical changes that make for a poser bike, hence my hipster reference, which is further supported by your most recent noob comment.


Couldn't have said it better myself.

hop off the nuts, I've never

hop off the nuts, I've never owned a bike that rides 700 front and back. there is nothing that rides like a custom set up with hand picked parts. and besides, no one ever turns that hard unless you are a roadie because on fixed your pedals will clip if you lean to far anyways, its common sense. this bike is gorgeous


You should learn how to turn like a grown-up.


Thank you sir. Nice tomcat you've got!

I just LOL'd because of your

I just LOL'd because of your total ignorance about bikes. Especially the "common sense" bit ;-)

Some pics that might burst your poser bubble:



putting a 650c wheel on the

putting a 650c wheel on the front foes indeed lower the front of your bike


I know. All I said was it makes no difference for me personally when I ride it.

Not a bad looking rig

Not a bad looking rig



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