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Gazelle Champion Mondial AB-frame 1989

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Reynolds 531 competition AB-frame / 59 / 1989

Cinelli / Cinelli XA

600 tricolore

600 tricolore / Wolber tx profil / Hutchinson tire

idem dito

600 tricolore

Turbo / ?

Shimano spd / ?

600 tricolore

600 tricolore

12-21 / 53-39

My daily commuter, when it's not snowing. The ride is excellent, for the 600 tricolore is smooth and this frame is a Champion Mondial! Not my first Champi, but my first as a city-rider. Delivers a smile on my face every single day.

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Simple but elegant. I can see why this bike would put a smile on your face. The pearl paint must be the icing on the cake.

Thanks C, the pearl paint is

Thanks C, the pearl paint is sort of a Gazelle CM hallmark. Pretty outrageous for a Dutch calvinist builder like Gazelle.

Bike Knowledge

Wow, I did not know that. It's impressive when someone knows detailed knowledge of great bike builders.

There's no need to get

There's no need to get sarcastic now ;)

I'm being sincere

You should know by now that I'm interested in that sort of information.

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