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1985 De Rosa Super Prestige

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De Rosa Super Prestige / 54.5 / 1985

Cinelli Giro D'Italia / Cinelli XA (original pantographed Cinelli 1R was too short for me, so it rests in a velvet bag for now)

De Rosa - Columbus - Campagnolo dropouts / Campagnolo Corsa Record headset

Campagnolo Corsa Record / Ambrosio Medaille D'Or - Crono / 2-cross lacing DT double butted spokes / Veloflex tubular

Campagnolo Corsa Record / Ambrosio Medaille D'Or - Crono / 2-cross lacing DT double butted spokes / Veloflex tubular

Campagnolo Corsa Record 170 / Corsa Record

Cinelli Unicanitor / Campagnolo Corsa Record

Campagnolo SGR / Regina

Campagnolo Corsa Record

Campagnolo Corsa Record Deltas / Corsa Record

13-26 / 52-39 Sachs

I bought this from the original owner in 2009. This bike was ordered by a gentleman who raced Frejus in the 50's and 60's. It was his idea of the "perfect" road bike in the mid 80's.

It was ordered special and he wanted it with Campagnolo's newly released C-Record component group, but none could be had. So the gruppo was placed on backorder. The bike came fitted with Nuovo Record and a month later, the C Record gruppo with Delta brakes arrived and was fitted to the bike. He rode it about 3000 miles and then it sat in his living room until I bought it almost a quarter of a century later.

I've ridden it in the Mountains of Misery century and to the highest point east of the Mississippi. I ride it several times a year so it is not a wall-hanger exactly. It is a little too small for me, so the original stem is sitting in a velvet bag and I've fitted a longer Cinelli. The handling is sure, but very quick. It is the best riding bike I've ever owned or ridden.

Apart from new Veloflex tubulars and the stem, everything is exactly as it was in 1985.

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Very Nice!

Very nice ride! I love the classics..........

Lovely De Rosa Professional

What a fine example of this bike you have. I agree, one of the most balanced all around bikes made, I dont think exactly excelling in any one major thing, profiting more from the idea of overall balance with just an excellent pedigree. While my first high-end bike was the Raleigh Professional, my first real bike love had to be the earlier version of this very frame. There are lighter bikes. There are bikes that actually handle quicker. There are even bikes that have a better road feel but it's hard to find a bike with ALL the attributes of this frame rolled into one, especially when you add in the De Rosa Mystique.

Yours is one of the nicer samples, too. Must be excellent with the wheels, as well. Ultimately, something like the Grandis might be better made with more attention to detail than the De Rosa. It has a better road feel and a bit faster handling in corners. The Ciocc takes the prize for all out handling at 10/10th in corners and a flickability that the slightly heavier De Rosa lacks. Still, the De Rosa Professional has something "right" about it that's hard to put in to words. Every time I get on one, whether it's early or later versions, I get this same sense of "there it is" that makes you nod.

Hope you never sell it. You would regret if you did.

- kh

no plans to sell

I am having trouble thinking of a situation that would convince me to sell this bike from my collection. I just get so much joy from looking at it AND from riding it. That combination is special to me.

Wilmington, DE

Another one?!

This is now the 2nd bike you've posted that has sucked my eyeballs out of my skull. Seriously, give us time to recover a bit. Perhaps find a ratty old Huffy at a garage sale that you could post in order to restore a little balance to the universe. ;-)

not sure I can restrain myself

You made me smile!
I do have another fun one lined up to post about though. The photos are just waiting, all ready to show. I'm getting itchy.

Wilmington, DE

Wow, this bike is a real

Wow, this bike is a real show stopper!

Love the color to. Ride her well!


So damn pretty!

Jaw Dropper

My jaw dropped when the image of this bike popped up.

Beautiful ride!Are you

Beautiful ride! Are you looking for a panto'd Cinelli 1R in your size now? I've read on Velobase that those XA's are known to snap.

Panto'd Cinelli 1R... Yes.

Certainly. If I could find one I'd much rather use the "correct" stem.
I hadn't heard of any flaws in the XA. I think I will try and forget that now. :)

Haha! Sorry, but don't worry

Haha! Sorry, but don't worry too much about that. I've had several XA's including on my current commuter. Never had any problems with them. I guess it's more the pumped-up steroid sprinter that will make a stem snap. And judging from your excellent taste in bikes you're not one of them.

Wow!!! What a bike

I have not seen a nicer bike in here. You are lucky indeed!!


Thank you. Don't think I don't know it!

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