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90s Bob Jackson Road Bike

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Bob Jackson Road 531 Competition / 56 / 90s

Cinelli / Cinelli

Bob Jackson / Campagnolo Chorus (1st gen)

Campagnolo Scirocco / Veloflex

Campagnolo Scirocco / Veloflex

Campagnolo Chorus (1st gen) / Campagnolo

Perforated Selle San Marco Regal / Campagnolo Chorus

Campagnolo Chorus (1st gen)

Campagnolo Chorus / Campagnolo Chorus (1st gen)

Campagnolo Chorus Monoplaners / Campagnolo Chorus (1st gen)

Campagnolo 8spd / Campagnolo Straps

Rode this frameset as a fixed gear for a while, just couldn't do it any longer. I had to build it up right to do it justice. Columbus dropouts and fork ends. Saddle has copper rails and rivets.

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That's one badass bike you got there. The Chorus look great on it!!! Monoplaners are awesome!! And the seat has a good tilt to it,,, when you gotta fart, should be no problém. Also, when you need to scratch your nose, the brake cables are high enough. All fun asside, this is a beautiful bike.

Finally Finished

Thanks. I'm glad this one is finally finished. Took a while to get everything together for it.

again, looks good

Do you have this thing in 8s, or 7s? I know, I know, getting all the old stuff takes time, and money in some cases. Today, I arranged this derailleur you got there. And hope its 8s. I think you be happy to know, that on my Bottecchia, over the winter, I'll be putting on this chorus 1st gen components instead of the DA. It will be a little more appropriate. Accept, I prefer the integrated shifting, so it will have that instead the index. By the way, the monoplaners are damn nice, maybe the nicest.

Chorus 8

It's 8 speed cassette. You are right about the seat angle/position and the cable length. I've corrected the seat and will shorten at least the rear cable/housing. The 1st gen Chorus will be great on your Bottecchia. I appreciate the humor by the way.

Simply a beautiful bike.

Simply a beautiful bike. Classics never get old.

Older Bob Jacksons

I look at a older Bob Jackson or a Hetchins (A company he built frames for in his earlier years.), and those bike just blow me away.


I'd trade straight across for almost any of my bikes, especially since you got it in the right size;)


Thank you very much for the compliment and the offer. It is very tempting considering you have such an awesome collection. I am still quite attached to this bike though.

Lovely build!

I echo everyone's praise for this classy build. Love the lug accents, too.

Thank You

The accents definitely caught my eye when I saw this frame hanging up at Firehouse Bicycle in West Philly six years ago. I purchased it, slung it over my shoulder and rode home with it not knowing exactly what I was going to do with it.


you did it right, sir. wowza!

Thank You

I like your builds as well, especially the Peugeot.

Beautiful Machine

And tastefully put together.
A salve for the eye and spirit in these heady days of plastic.
Kindest regards

Thanks for Noticing

You know how it is piecing together a build. It's slow, and kind of a pain. When it comes together it's worth it though. Oh by the way, I ended up getting a block chain for the skip tooth. Thanks to you, I researched the difference between that and a roller chain.

ughhh looks so good. I think

ughhh looks so good. I think yellow tires or gumwalls would look super nice

Stuck With

Thanks for the compliment. Kinda stuck with these blue skinwalls. Had them on the Makino, didn't quite look right with the darker blue. I had purchased them because they were a killer deal. They ride great and I can definitely live with them on this build.

Thank you

For doing this:)

Did it out of respect

Glad you like it. Did it out of respect to a great frame builder, also to those that appreciate older road bikes.

crispy clean

Its always a great feeling to convert a bike back to its original state...especially with crazy nice clean parts. Congrats

So Much Better

Thanks. I did enjoy the frameset as a fixed-gear conversion, but it is so much better built up properly.

Fresh And Tasty!

This is how I would do it too!

You Would

I agree, you would. You have some fresh bikes as well.

Oh that's pretty. Good that

Oh that's pretty. Good that you have done it high justice!

You Know

Thanks. Yeah, you know how it is. Frameset of this caliber deserves it.

Wowee Zowee! That's a great

Wowee Zowee! That's a great bike. The blue paint is fantastic!

Bob Jackson

Thank you. Bob Jackson (shop) does the paint inhouse. A legacy that stemmed from Hetchins.

Great build! Did you

Great build! Did you customize the brake levers yourself?

Maybe High

Thanks. Good observation. Levers might be a tad high. I'll consider lowering them a bit.

I think the height of the

I think the height of the levers looks alright, it's what you consider what's more comfy I guess. Maybe shorten the cables a tad?

Good Advice

Thanks for the advice. I did the same thing on the Colnago and need to correct it as well.

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