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Peugeot track

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57 cm, circa 1965

Philippe, steel

Stronglight competition

Prior hub

Prior hub

Stronglight cranks to TA alloy skiptooth via adaptor


Berthet Lyotard / 1 inch pitch chain

Capped stays, Nervex pro lugs. Spokes are wired. Sad story, it belnged to an amateur road racer who track-trained. When he was 20 he took part in some regional race. The tradition is that when the local boy get's near his village, he gets to be in the lead. But to get to the front of the peloton and make a small break, even if everybody is cooperative, you need a little extra something. The guy got the something, and died 48 hours later. Doping isn't new.

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Its Kharma

you did something awesome in a previous life to get this!
Lots of Dutch and Belgian neo pros died in their sleep from thickened blood when EPO first hit the scene. They had no idea what its full impact was.


Everything on the bike blows my mind, all the way down to the block chain.

It was very expensive

Thx everybody. Yep, it's a fullblown track machine from the 60's. The purchase was quite interesting, and immoral. I went to a "field sale" in some remote village out in the Landes area, just looking for odds and ends which might appeal. There was this one guy who was selling old tools, and he had a really major axe dating 19 th which I buy, then I tell him I like most old objects with a history, but really only collect bikes and that what I really need is a track bike. He say's he has one, so I ask him if it's old and he tells me it belonged to a friend who bought it second hand in the 80's from a retired track racer. then tells me the story about the doping episode. I ask him the price and he asks me what I usually pay, and I go "about 30 or 35 euros if it's really nice". So he tells me where he lives down in the Gers area, and next day we drive down there with the wife. The guy emerges from his barn with this bike, which has all the goodies, nice wheel set and all. then he says he has some spare wheels and fetches two sets of prior hub wheels. Now, in this situation, decency would command that you tell the guy that his bike is worth a real load, but I didn't. Got it for 35 euros, and maybe if I get anywhere near heaven I'll have to explain... The hardest part was keeping a totally indifferent stance, not oggling the wheels, the Nervex pro, the wheels. That was very difficult.

He was happy with the deal,

He was happy with the deal, you were happy with the deal. Not immoral at all. Congrats and enjoy this beauty!


I've gotten some great deals, although I didn't keep my mouth shut about the value. The previous owners saw that I really appreciate older bikes and wanted a good home for the bikes. Your Peugeot and the parts that are on it is such an incredible find.

As a fellow Peugeot enthusiast

I really appreciate this bike and the grim backstory, and I am reminded of course of Tommy Simpson on Mont Ventoux.

YES!!! Some close up pics

YES!!! Some close up pics would be tits! Those hubs are the bee's knees!!




Track frames are very hard to find. You look to have a nice one here. Simply love this type of vintage machine and complete with a story, albeit a sad one.
Kindest regards

If you give the pic you

If you give the pic you upload a unique filename, so marselspeugeottrack.jpg instead of image001, the right pic will appear.

Can't wait to see the larger pic!

Oooh nice! Checking out

Oooh nice! Checking out those hubs... They're worth a close-up.

Btw sad story indeed. Reminds me of the Bas Hordijk story. Very promising young guy died of a cardiac arrest just after competing in a criterium. There were dozens of stories like this going on back then and they still happen...

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