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Gazelle Champion Mondial AA Super 1989

Bike tags: Road bike | 531c | 55cm | 600 | 7 speed | more tags >>
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Gazelle Champion Mondial AA Super 531C in brussels blauw with Cinelli BB Shell / 55cm / 1989

ITM Mod Mondial / Shimano 600 Hidden Bolt (100mm)

Gazelle 531C / Campagnolo Nuovo Record Strada

Shimano Exage HB-RM50 / Wolber TX Profil / Continental Gatorskin 700c x 23

Shimano Exage FH-HG50 / Wolber TX Profil / Continental Gatorskin 700c x 23

Shimano RX100 / Shimano UN-71

Selle Italia Max Flite Gel Flow / Unknown Areo

MKS Sylvan / Shimano HG50 (7 Speed)

Shimano Exage SL-A500 / Front - Shimano 600 FD-6400, Rear - Shimano RX100

Shimano Exage 500 EX / Shimano Exage Motion

Cassette SHIMANO CS-HG 50 cassette, 7-speed 13-26 / Shimano Biopace 52/42

Bought this bike in November 2011 of LFGSS. Amazing looking bike, very tight clearances and beautiful lugs. Always getting compliments and gets a lot of use as it's my main transport around the city. Ideally once i get the money want to get a full Campagnolo C-Record groupset on it, 8 speed still with downtube shifters, not the delta brakes though - heard too many bad things.

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Beautiful as is

especially the way you've shot the bike. I can imagine how much better it would look with high end components.

I know - so much to replace!

I know - so much to replace!


I bet the bike is really enjoyable the way it is. I wouldn't sweat upgrading it.

Very cool frame. Wish my

Very cool frame. Wish my Gazelle was a AA Super!

cheers :) - love the colour

cheers :) - love the colour combo on your AB frame!

fine looking bike

any thoughts on putting some DA on this? Would also look nice.


Yeh i have considered it, the 7400 is a good looking group and hear that is pretty much bombproof, also love the flat face on the cranks - thing is i don't think my wallet would ever forgive me!

Am I seeing correctly that

Am I seeing correctly that the seat tube has an indention or concavity or something to make room for the rear tire? That is cool.

Your spot on there! little

Your spot on there! little indention, really lovely craftsmanship.

What a beauty!

Don't see too many AA supers around. Supershort wheelbase for sharp bends in criterium-racing! If campy gets too expensive, a 600 tricolore gruppo makes an excellent ride as well.
Btw added to the Champion Mondial cluster!

Thank you very much smiley!

Thank you very much smiley! Yeh the short chain stays make this one a nippy little bugger! ;) My mates got a for tri-colour components on his bike. Do you know how many generations of tri-coour there was?

+1 Shimano 600 tricolor

+1 Shimano 600 tricolor would be better/cheaper/cooler

your right Tri-colour is

your right Tri-colour is damn cheaper than the groupsets I've been eyeing up, the problem is I'm a sucker for shiney things....F*ckin Campag!

600 tricolor is great

but that frame will react well to whatever you put on it. If you stick with DT shifting, 10-sp DA shifters are cheap and great, and you can get used 105 and Ultegra stuff very reasonably.

For 10-sp, there are bargains to be hunted down. In 8-sp Campy, just try to go Athena and higher, and get the wheels and RD first.

Beautiful bike.

Robbie ♪♫♪...☻

Tri Color 8 speed?

Yeh the wheels are something i need to sort out first i think, these are fairly old and far from bulletproof. Just one question - am i right in thinking that the Shimano Ultegra 6400 (tri colour) groupset was released in 7 and 8 speed configurations? I do enjoy downtube shifters but really like the look of the tri color Sti shifters, anyone got any first hand experience with them?

Yes, you're right

Shimano 600 "tricolor" was released in both 7-sp and 8-sp configurations.

The early 6400 series stuff was 7-sp, and the calipers were single pivot. The "new" 6-sp and then 7-sp 105 was killing it in the market, though. When 600 became 600 Ultegra, the calipers went dual pivot and the shifters went STI. I've been told there are 8-sp DT shifters in the 600 Ultegra lineup, but I've not seen any.

Schwinn put them on the '92 Paramount Series 7 and 9C as OEM equipment, and Kestrel offered a 200 Series in Ultegra mode. I find little difference between the 600 Ultegra 8-sp STI's and the Dura Ace 8-sp STI's, but of course, the DA's don't play nice with non-DA RD's.

I have had several sets of the 8-sp STI's, and they are smooth and nice. Hoods are fairly hard to come by. The best thing about them is that they are serviceable, and 90% of their issues are able to be fixed at home (lube, spring "dismounts" and erroneous cable installation). Properly set and lubed, they are slick and quiet.

I even ran a set of them with an 8-sp Campy rear wheel/cassette, no problems. A little finicky rear the top of the cassette, but I'd overshift and come back, it'd drop right in.

Quite often, you can interchange the 8-sp and 7-sp RD's, cranksets, and of course, the calipers. Sometimes, the 7-sp FD will rub when used with the 8-sp STI's, because the geometry was slightly different. I consider that a good time to shift rings.

They can be pricey to get in really good shape, used, but once you take care of any dried-up lube and get them adjusted, they're worth the price to stay period-correct. I highly recommend the dual pivot calipers, just that much easier.

Your bike warrants the care and attention, as you well know. I'd not seen any Gazelles unti NAHBS in Austin, and we had a C&V ride, organized by a Gazelle fan, and boy, was it nice. I became enlightened.

Robbie ♪♫♪...☻

Mine were sticky and junky

Mine were sticky and junky feeling compared to the 10spd sti's of today.
Get 10sp downtube shifting! Dura Ace 7900 derailleurs can be had for less than 100 bones on CL/eBay, and the downtube shifters don't cost more than that!

I say if you're gonna ride

I say if you're gonna ride fast in groups, go for sti's. If it's just you riding around town and countryside for exercise, the downtube index shifters will do a great job! Thing is with DT shifting you take one hand off the handlebar, which can be a little dangerous wih a short wheelbase.

Put a good few miles on this

Put a good few miles on this one using DT shifters (on my 3rd set of tyres excluding originals) so fairly used to it but id like to give the STIs a go - it's annoying when I'm out the saddle and can't change gear (although am i right in thinking that you shouldn't change gear when you've got alot of pressure on the cranks or is that just relevant with older systems) Anyways I'm gunna get some money together and go for the tri-colour and keep it a period build. Thanks for all the advice lads.

Super cool

Super cool

cheers :)

cheers :)

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