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Cyclops Track

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Track bike | 47cm | 49/13 tooth | more tags >>
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Cyclops 47cm Custom





Sugino 75



If it wasn't micro-sized I'd be slappin you trade offers with a few of my NJS frames.

Nice bike!

I think I saw your bike in front of Crunch the other day, it looked great. Did you swap out the fork to a chrome one? Is yours the same as the one featured on Bike Works NYC's site?


that was indeed my bike in front of Crunch!
i crashed into a cab and bent the original fork so i swapped out for the chrome, its tougher but not as pretty.


the name is too sick

and the head badge!!!


we have it in common

47cm holla

Very nice! I have a Cyclops

Very nice! I have a Cyclops too

i've got one of these which

i've got one of these which i'll be finished building in about a month or so. can't wait to ride it!!! yours is gorgeous!


thanks taps, yeah she is really fast as well!
Shoot me a pic of yours once its done!

i finally got mine put

i finally got mine put together, take a look


Your bike looks great. They've gotten pretty hard to come by, both track and road frames -- you've got something special. I have a late 80s cyclops road frame that I'm about to build up too. I tracked down all vintage Dura Ace for it. Haven't ridden it since the early 90s but I remember it being really pretty sweet at the time.

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