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Gianni Motta Personal

Bike tags: Road bike
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Gianni Motta Personal / 56 / ?

Cinelli Criterium (reissue) / 3t

Motta / Tange Levin

Vento / Conti Attack

Vento / Conti Force

DA 7800 / BB7900

Concor Light / Generic

SPD-SL / DA7700

Campy Victory / RD7400, Ultegra FD

Old 105

I am a sucker for chrome stays. And for pretty much everything but the brakes. I'll probably eventually up the campy/shimano mix blasphemy level with some monoplanars.

-Now with record cranks, not because of internet pressure (dammit!), but because I want to put the 7800s on the Marinoni.
-Now with a main picture whose background isn't a red wall.

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Brings back memories

I had one of these frames back in the mid 1980's. Same colors. Had a complete Campy Super Record Gruppo on it. 53x12 tall gear. My TT bike. I had aero rims with 15c tires on them. I came in 11th in category in the eastern regional TT in '84 on it. Windy day, I stupidly went first before the wind died down. Oh well. I miss that bike. Enjoy yours.

Hey, I think this is such

Hey, I think this is such tits the way it is. Really awesome. Are you running a Campy cassette?

Thanks. I am, yes. A

Thanks. I am, yes. A completely practical 12-19 one.

^Pretty jealous! If I could

^Pretty jealous! If I could only have one in my size. Show us the view from the back - those lovely curvaceous stays. Seriously, more pictures.

The clash doesn't concern me much. A 7402 or alloy record crank would be choice but 7800 is such kick ass and I know that crank is stiffff. Actually the saddle bugs me most.

Thanks. I keep forgetting to

Thanks. I keep forgetting to take pictures of the beautiful bendy stays, but I'll get around to it next time I'm in a place to.

I don't see a problem with

I don't see a problem with the mix and match. I think it all works well together except for the 7400 RD.

wow, the crankset is so

wow, the crankset is so vividly wrong, but thumbs up for the rest


+1 on the cranks. Not to mention you're one of those rare types willing to mix a Shimano group with Campy wheels (I know, so petty, but it's hard to not be shocked by the visual discord). Maybe some 7400 cranks, DA hubs, and some 32h box rims, IMHO.

I agree it clashes with the

I agree it clashes with the derailleurs but I think it works with the rest of the components (Vento's mostly).

cranks! gotta go!

clashes with derailleurs? yea, id agree, FOR STARTERS haha those cranks gotta go! needs some skinny armed 7410's on there to match the lugged steel!

beautiful frame!

I think the fat, bladey 7800

I think the fat, bladey 7800 arms make sense with the deep rims, functionally, if nothing else, and, while I can understand that mixing brands and eras bugs some people, I don't think, aesthetically, there's anything glaringly offensive going on here (I'd prefer the crankset's anodizing be a hair lighter, but I'll live) apart from it's being a minor, minor departure from expectations, from its being quite exactly what people are used to seeing on an old steel frame. And the bike rides too well for me to care too much about that right now.

It is a beautiful frame, thanks.

I agree with that. I've got

I agree with that. I've got a 7800 rear derailleur on a different bike that I meant to have, and actually forgot I hadn't, switched over. The other bike has a DA 7410 crankset, so it clashes the the other way around.

Yeah that would level things

Yeah that would level things out aesthetically if you swapped the rear derailleur from your other bike. I'm just nit-picking though, its a gorgeous build.

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