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Unique 3Rensho Track

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Custom 3Rensho Track / 56cm / 1988

Sakae Anatomic / Nitto 120

3Rensho original / Chris King

Sun Mistral / Suntour Superbe Pro / Tufo Jet Pro

see above

Dura Ace 7710 / Dura Ace 7710

Selle Italia / Dura Ace NJS

??? / ???


This frame is very special, most likely built for or in congruence with Nelson Vails geometry. This frame was built with Modeulo lugs and has custom bracing tubes to add stiffness in the rear triangle and bottom bracket area. This was a very lucky CL find. It is very, very stiff and superfast. This bike is going to spend a lot of time on my wall and clock a few sunny sunday miles.

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Glad to have gazed upon it.

Craigslist WTF?!

Rare beast you got there. Nice history.

gotta make this a featured bike!

Too cool!



oooooook fine. youre right.

oooooook fine. youre right.



Beyond Unique

Bravo (slow clap). This is serious American history. Amazing condition, one of the best builders, Yoshi Konno, made for an American icon. How is it that someone who knows what they have would set their bars at that angle? Did the bolt loosen as you took the picture?

i love the frame

but you cant make me love the handlebars. Ive never seen them before, i didnt know how they were supposed to sit. Theyre kinda ugly if you ask me. Trade me for some Nittos? :)


Those SR (Sakae Ringyo) bars are Vails correct. Ya gotta keep 'em! Just set them right.

noooooo keep them. Vails in

noooooo keep them. Vails in the photo is riding the same setup (steel jag + Sakae FX) so they're probably the bars he rode. You just need to position them so that the small end bit is parallel to the ground.

really nice...

lucky find - expensive?

here's a pic of vails riding the bike:

EDIT: doesn't have that custom seattube to rear rear bridge tube though...

cool picture

that is a cool i see a radially-laced sheriff star hub?

also that bike is a total find. how does it fit? from what i read in your forum post it seems to have a short top tube relative to the seat tube length. of course we can assume it fit mr. vails to a "t", just wondering how that cockpit is working for you.

it does have a shorter top

it does have a shorter top tube, sloping forward a bit. Its like a pursuit/track hybrid. It fits suprisingly well! Ive got 3 inches of seatpost showing, 170 crankarms and i can still get in the drops comfortably. Not that anything about the ride of this bike is comfortable...


i didnt pay anywhere near what its worth, lets just say that. Thats a cool picture! Those bracing tubes are the big mystery here!

Olympic ride was a Raleigh

I'll see him next weekend at an event in Palm Springs area, bringing a pic along to get you some answers.


thanks for the help Neil!

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