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My Flagship, The World Voyageur

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1973 Schwinn (Panasonic) 58cm World Voyaguer

Nitto & Nitto Noddle


Schmidt Dyno

Dura Ace

Dura Ace

Brooks Pro

Dura Ace / Campy 980


16-21 / 50-42

This is my most successful bike I've ever built. It is the most comfortable, I go every where on this one.

It's now a 10spd again!

I've recently added some nice fenders and a VO rack.

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Fix your


New Pics!

Fixed it

Beautiful Picture

Definitely my favorite shot of a bike on Velospace. Full color, and the sign is funny too. Looks like a great day for a ride.

Tektro brakes

Can you tell me how you attached the Tektro brakes? I have one of
these frames and it accepts hex-nut bolted brakes. The Tektro's
look like recess-mounted brakes. Replacing the standard 27" wheels
with 700's requires the long-reach brakes like the Tektros. Thanks.



The front is fairly simple. Just drill the back side of the fork to the O.D. of the smaller part of the set in nut. But the rear is a compomise. The easy way is to drill from the brake side all the way through unless you can get a small enough tool in from the back between the seat tube.

Good Luck!


I almost forgot. You can avoid drilling the back all together by using a front caliper on the rear. The longer stud will stick out enough for you to get a normal nut treaded onto it.

i love your build. I'm

i love your build. I'm buying the frame for . lucky find for the whole bike.


I adore it!

XXX Miss Stephanye the
Single Speed Deamon




that color is magnificent! great find.

hell yea!...

That's a one year model and in damn good condition!

OMG - I think I would have

OMG - I think I would have passed out seeing it at that price.

Terence Brashear

Oh that price

Yeah great deal hu. But now I've got myself buying Philwood and Dura Ace and other really expensive shit for this thing. "BUY NOW ASK LATER when you realize it's worth it" sorta thing.


Score! Can't wait so see the finished product.


NICE FIND...!!!..have fun,,post some done pic's

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