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GT Romper *STOLEN*

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Single speed | Mountain bike | Commuter
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I applied stripper to a Forrest Green frame and then pressure washed it shortly after to achieve the paint effect. Yours truly then hand painted the head badge and finally applied 5 coats of clear to the entire frame. The stem bar combo was meant to be temporary and I was planning on getting a rear cassette disc brake hub to again bolt on a fixed cog and single speed on the cassette. And finally slap the canti's back on. It was stolen before I could finish it. During the short time I was able to ride it, it was a complete blast.

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this is really cool. a quick

this is really cool. a quick look on craigslist shows these frames are popular and cheap. may have inspired my next project :)

It was really fun, I'd like

It was really fun, I'd like to build up something similar again.

Ghetto Ass Kids

Man, you must have some ghetto ass kids in your neighborhood.

It was stolen from my apt.

It was stolen from my apt. building the first night after I moved in. Woke up to find them gone. There is "bike garage" room with a ton of racks ground level and I had it and my Flying Dutchman in there (the rest were in my apt. thankfully.) The building is code entry and everyone that lives here is really cool. I'm pretty sure a vagrant piggy backed in and snagged them.

That's a shame

I feel you, especially for the Flying Dutchman. It's happened to a lot of us. You live and learn. Doesn't amaze me anymore what fools will go after nowadays.

It was my time I guess. I

It was my time I guess. I had gone a long time without getting one stolen.

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