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1990 De Rosa Professional SLX

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De Rosa Professional SLX / 55cm / 1990

Cinelli Criterium / Cinelli XA

De Rosa / Campagnolo C-Record

Campagnolo C-Record / Mavic MA40 / Michelin Pro 4

Campagnolo C-Record / Mavic MA40 / Michelin Pro 4

Campagnolo C-Record / Campagnolo C-Record

Concor Superleggera Confort / Campagnolo C-Record

Campagnolo C-Record / Sram PC 890

Campagnolo C-Record / Campagnolo C-Record

Campagnolo C-Record / Campagnolo C-Record

Marchisio 7-speed 12-25

1990 De Rosa Professional SLX with Campagnolo C-Record groupset.

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I think I blacked out for a moment...


DeRosa Bike

Cool bike,nice color,very unique looking,nice racer look.

very nice!

Great looking bike.

Very, very beautiful!

Very, very beautiful!

Bella biciclette De Rosa.

Bella biciclette De Rosa.

Wow this is good

Do you prefer this or the DA?

C-Record vs DA

So now that I've resolved my chain issue on this bike and put in a few miles, the C-Record is the best friction shifting bike I own. Very smooth, very quiet, like butter. More refined than my SR/NR bikes. So the big difference with the '89 De Rosa w/ Dura Ace 7402 is the index shifting. The engineering advance from friction to index is a big deal, not quite the leap from index to ergo, but index is just easier and quicker than friction. So C-Record looks way better, is more correct (Italian on an Italian frame) and DA performs a bit better.

C-Record looks way better

C-Record is beautiful, like Brancusi sculpture. It does not perform as well as Dura Ace. DA has index shifting which is smooth and crisp and quiet. It's just mechanically better than the C-Record. As far as brakes, stopping power is comparable. C-Record somewhat suffers from form over function but it just looks so damn awesome.

You could

try a longer chain. Yours seems to be one link to short and probably your C-Record works better then.

Fantastic bike you have here, congrats!

After taking a closer look

After taking a closer look I'm thinking the chain is stretched. There's some daylight between the chain and the chainring. Hopefully I can get away with a new chain without replacing the freewheel.

Just using the picture as a guide...

...the freewheel looks to be in pretty good condition. I doubt you would have to swap any of the drivetrain if you got a new chain.

What chain would you go

What chain would you go with? I'm thinking Sram 870 or 890. This is my first C-Record bike, anyone have input on best performing chain when it comes to C-Record?

Hello 212swat

I'd go for the Wippermann "Connex" chains. For me the best choice for an older road bike. I don't know if you can find them at your place but here's the link for further information:


I can see

your chain has messed up your bike real bad. Just put it by your curb by your trash cans around 9:15am Friday morning. :P

Yep, the chain looks shot

Yep, the chain looks shot judging by how it wraps the chainring. I had a NOS Sachs I put on mine and it shifts beautifully. I am using a 6 speed Dura Ace freewheel with the twisted teeth which really smooths the shifting. It is whisper silent.

New chain

New Sram PC 890 installed and it's a huge difference. Have to put some miles on it and then re-examine my verdict on C-Record vs. Dura Ace.

...and how does it


The ride

The ride doesn't get much better for a friction shifting bike. Quiet, smooth, refined. Bike is super responsive, like a scalpel.

De Rosa...

Very nice De Rosa. My first real love of the Italian big names. Just a great all around frame/bike. So balanced. Ultimately, I find frames like the Grandis and Ciocc to more responsive, quicker handling, with a bit more flickability compared to the De Rosa. Of this era, I think the Grandis and the Ciocc have a bit more supple road feel, too. That being said, the De Rosa has a special overall balance that's hard to beat. I've never had a bad ride on one. It just feels right while something like the Ciocc feels a bit more high strung with more aggressive geometry. Both the Ciocc and Grandis are a bit more fun in full on cornering.

Lastly, on the chains, the only issue with the SRAM chains is if you ride hard, they do not last particularly long before needing replacement. You'll be lucky to get 3000 miles before a wear indicator shows replacement need. It's a far cry from the lasting power of Regina or even the older version Sedis/Sachs. Just start testing the wear after 2500 miles or so.

- kh

Re: De Rosa...

Could be a while before I get that many mile on the chain. My workhorse these days is my modern custom I built. Over 6000 miles on it so far with no issues. Plus all the other vintage Italian steel I have. Rarely ride more than 10 miles at a time on my vintage bikes.

Great to hear

you get the best out of it.
Such a great bike... enjoy!

Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Shit!!!

Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Shit!!!


Amazing De Rosa.


Machine. Really nicely put together.
Kindest regards


i think the right stem would be a de rosa panto stem.. cinelli panto are for cinelli supercorsa and lasers! :)

New stem.

New stem installed. Found a NOS Cinelli XA 100mm at a great price.






that's nice! 8'o

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