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Bianchi Centenario 1985

Bike tags: Road bike | Bianchi Centenario C Record Specialissima Reparto Corse
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Bianchi Centenario, Columbus SLX, 55,5, 1985

3TTT/3TTT Record 84

Campagnolo C Record

Campagnolo C Record, high flange, Vittoria tubular

Campagnolo C Record, high flange, Vittoria tubular

Campagnolo C Record

Super Turbo, Campagnolo C Record

Campagnolo C Record

Campagnolo C Record

Campagnolo C Record

This is all original Bianchi Centenario 1985 to celebrate Bianchi's 100th anniversary. Every part is pantographed with "Bianchi Centenario" text. This beautiful bike came with matching jersey and travelling bag for the bike.

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My god that's a good looking bicycle

swoon... black out....


Haven't seen many of these. Actually never seen on in person. Quite a bike for sure.
Ray Dobbins has one on his site.

madre mía...

madre mía...

A collector's wet dream

A collector's wet dream. Are the hubs pantoed?

Yes they are, small B on the

Yes they are, small B on the left side flange. You can see it in flickr.

That's very cool! Hadn't

That's very cool! Hadn't seen one yet, bet these are pretty rare. Do you know how many were made and were they all in black?
And why are you selling it?

1500 Bianchi Centenarios was

1500 Bianchi Centenarios was made and all black nickel. There is also few framesets in celeste which I think was used by racing drivers.

It's my fathers bike and he hasn't been driving it for a long time. It is also too big for me or my brother. That's why it might be for sale.

Sounds logical

You say it's a 55,5, but it looks more like a 58. Is that Italian sizing (c/c) or is the toptube shortish (53/54)?

Seattube 55.5 is c-t-c and

Seattube 55.5 is c-t-c and 57 c-t. Also toptube is quit short 54.5. You have sharp eyes.

My one regret my bike life was not snapping up a 53cm Centenario when I had the chance. I held off because the finish was pretty rough, and cockpit & wheels had been stolen. I figured it'd cost a fortune to replace the pantographed parts and clean it up.

That's a beauty right there.

Cooooool. awesome bike

Cooooool. awesome bike dude!!


Sweet bike!



Just wow, what a bike!!

Just wow, what a bike!!

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