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Speedy Eddy

Bike tags: Road bike | 53 cm | eddy merckx | roadbike
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eddy merckx corsa extra, 53 cm/ 90's

3t competezione, cinelli oyster

eddy merckx, chris king

bontrager tubular/ continental sprinter

bontrager tubular/ continental sprinter

dura ace 7900/ dura ace 7900

fizik antares/ thomson

look keo sprinter/ dura ace 7900

dura ace 7800/ dura ace 7800

Got this frame from ebay. Took me almost a year to complete the parts. Budget constraints! Lol!

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Nice combo.

That is really nice looking

That is really nice looking bike. The modern components on an old bike are great!! Awesome job !!!!

Looks great! You might want

Looks great! You might want to consider removing the wheel decals and getting black bar tape. I think it would look really nice like that.

I was really thinking about

I was really thinking about removing the decals. How about a white leather brooks tape?

Isn't the brooks tape pretty

Isn't the brooks tape pretty expensive? I really like the Fizik Microtex stuff. And it's only 20 bucks.

Gee whiz, you weren't

Gee whiz, you weren't kidding about the "fast" part!

+1 on Microtex. Brooks tape is unnecessary in almost all cases, and if you had such budgetary constraints to begin with, I would imagines spending 80+ clams on bartape would be out of the question.

Cloth tape + shellac = sexy times.

Seriously think about it. You can get everything you need for 10 bucks and have a nearly a whole can of shellac left over for anything else you want to use it with. You do need grippy gloves, but it looks awesome and has a great texture to it. Finish off with hemp twine, boom!

Specialized Classic Tape

My personal favorite is the Specialized Classic Tape.
While tad more expensive than Fizik, I found it to be more grippy, durable and cushy than the Fizik.
Definitely worth the extra pennies.
(I am not associated with the company)

"Shut up legs!"
-Jens Voigt

Brooks Tape

My personal experience with the brown tape on one of my bikes has been both good and bad.
It is extremely hard to wrap right, it gets scuffed up when you lean it against anything and it needs the proper care or it will discolor or even rot.
But when you get it right, it looks oh-so-nice!
Mine after about a year of use has gotten a lot darker and shiner like a nice dress shoe from Brooks leather ointment and my hands and gloves rubbing against it.
I use my bike to commute every day and occasionally it sits outside and gets wet. It would be a different story for a nice sunday bike but I can't even imagine the amount of work it takes to keep a white one looking clean.
Comfort wise, it is a short tape so it will wrap very thin. If you are okay with that horrible paper thin Fizik tape you are probably alright though.


"Shut up legs!"
-Jens Voigt

I like my brooks tape but

I like my brooks tape but its rather heavy and thin as already said. I always liked the microtex and they make a grippy synth suede tape thats Great. Pro logo makes a tape that replicates the good of leather and adds cushion and durability. Its on one bike and i love it cant recall thr name atm. Do some digging and you'll find it.


I really like the microsuede style stuff from Fizik, not nearly as thin as the other Fizik tape that has a more plastic feel to it. That stuff is decent too, less cushion; but I have it in white and it is cleanable.

Looksbsweet. Begging for

Looksbsweet. Begging for 7900 shifters though!



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