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BMC SLT01, a study on a Industrial-Design Bike

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BMC SLT01 51cm, Carbon, Aluminum Lugs / 2009?

EASTON AERO EC90 44cm with Red-Black Specialized cork tape / RITCHEY WCS 4-Axis 100mm

EASTON EC90 SLX / FSA Orbit I #16 1-1/8 Blk Internal H-set 36/36

AEROSPOKE 700c CARBON / VITTORIA RUBINO PRO 23MM, TOKEN anodized aluminum skewers

AEROSPOKE 700c CARBON / VITTORIA RUBINO PRO 23MM, TOKEN anodized aluminum skewers


Selle Italia SLR Gel / IDIO WHITE CARBON 31.6 x 350MM

Ritchey V4 Micro Road / SRAM PC 991 Cross step 9 Speed with gold link crossstep

Nashabar Micro Shift Dual Control, 9 speed shifters / Microshift ARSIS derailers / Jagwire cables-wires for derailers

TOKEN ACCURA CNC (front) / PLANET X Ultra Light CNC (rear) brake calipers / Jagwire cables-wires for brakes

SRAM PG-970 12-26 9 speed Cassette - 53 / 39 / ROTOR Elliptical chainrings / Token 11T rear derailleur alloy pulley


This is my first bike without any Shimano and Campagnolo components. Mostly to try some high-end Chinese bicycle components such as TOKEN, Micro Shift and IDIO in a RED-BLACK-WHITE color scheme.

It will be an interesting experience even if it will not be of the liking of the Velospace opinionated cycling-esthetics gods.

PENDING! Fitting + adjusting the stem steer tube height, spec torque of all nuts and bolts, install Bontrager water bottle cages, install SRAM in-line derailleur cable tension adjusters, up-load of better photos. NOT FINISHED yet.

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one of the best frames, with the worst components


To each its own.

To each its own.

Yea.. But still..

Yea.. But still..

You are intending to cut

You are intending to cut down the steertube, correct? If not, it seems like an awfully expensive way to have a bike not fit you correctly.

You are intending to cut

Absolutely. The bike still pending for the fitting stage.

The aerospokes are an...

The aerospokes are an... interesting choice.

The aerospokes are an...

I am still looking for a wheel-set to complement the overall color scheme.

Still, the Aerospokes, even if heavy seems to blend with the design style of the bike.

I've also been thinking of a pair of HED3's as I have two new sets available around the shop.

What you think?

By the way, the bike is not for racing..


you might want to look into that EC90 crankset you have... they were pulled by easton, cause every single one of them fails...

I hope the aerospokes are just something you happened to have for the purposes of getting a picture?

EC90 crankset + Aerospokes

I know.. But if it fails, Easton will cover it. I have already have contacted them by phone and e-mail.

On the Aerospokes what would you recommend instead?

Bad logic. I would replace

Bad logic. I would replace them before anything serious happens to them and to yourself. I have warrantied many EC90 cranks from customers. Not worth the risk to keep using them. Also, the bike must weigh a freakin ton! Why don't you post back when the bike is complete?

a nice road wheels with

a nice road wheels with spokes, not aerospoke/hed 3/ or spinergy rev x

and ive noticed that your rear wheel is not fully in with the hanger

OMG, an epic spacer fail. I

OMG, an epic spacer fail. I even doubt such a spacer tower is safe.

His "spacer tower" (like

His "spacer tower" (like that btw) isn't too bad. Manufactures cut them before they send em out so the top would be the limit. I would say "physically" you should go up 70mm on carbon steerer tubes as carbon has a higher fatigue yield but personally no more than 50mm.

IMHO - strip the bike apart until you only have the frame, fork, and seatpost and start over.

OMG, an epic spacer fail.

Thank you for your concern. Sorry that you failed to notice that the photo shows an unfinished bike. Now, you got me worried of a potential failure by tall "steerers" covered by spacers. Hope you can help me by forwarding references on the subject.

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