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Bottecchia Professional SL for my girlfriend's sister

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Bottecchia Professional SL / 50 cm / 1990's


Bottecchia / stock

Mavic/ Mavic 321 cd/ Specialized pro

Avocet / Matrix/Specialized pro

Campy nouvo Record starda 170/ Campy record cups,bearings and axle

ebay brooks look-a-like / Stock

MKS sylvan pedals/ KMC chain

Campagnolo syncro 2 shifter / Campagnolo Nuovo Record Rear Derailleur Pat 72/ Campagnolo Nuovo Record Front Derailleur

Dia Compe / Dia Compe aero levers

Suntour perfect 5 speed freewheel/ Campy 52-32 chainrings


My girl wanted to build her older sister a bike after the 3 of us went on a ride over Thanksgiving. He sister loved the ride so much that my girlfriend commissioned me to build her up a road bike. She funded it and I choose the parts, and this is what I came up with. I did all the painting and decals. As you can see for the original shots of the frame, there was some substancial rust on it, so it needed a lot of TLC. After around 2 and a half months this is the finished product! The frame is way too small for me, but I gave it a ride just to see how it rode, and it felt like riding a go-cart: really quick and responsive and just a really fun little bike.
Her sister lives in Louisiana at the moment, and apparently bike safety is awful out there, so were not going to mail it out to her Instead were going to give it to her when she comes home for the holidays and make it a big surprise. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty hyped about this. I'll post an update about the reaction.
Let me know what you guy think!

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Made her a real nice bike

Made her a real nice bike dude. Good thing she put up the cash, all these bike things are damn expensive!!

I saw that frame on ebay!

I saw that frame on ebay! Where did you get the aero gum hoods?

gotta love the ebay. Funnily

gotta love the ebay. Funnily enough I also got those from ebay. My girlfriend gave me the color scheme at first, so I was working on getting complimentary colors to magenta and white. Thusly, "brown gum aero levers/hoods" was what I searched for.

I think I saw those

I think I saw those DiaComp's on their too. Foriegn seller? (foriegn to US that is) They're super hard to find!

You got it. I felt really

You got it. I felt really luck to get them, and for a reasonably good price. Damn man, I'm gonna be worried about bidding on stuff against you now that I know we look for the same stuff! lol

Haha I know how you feel. I

Haha I know how you feel. I see people posting stuff all the time on here that I was considering bidding on.


The paint came out really nice. The build looks very comfy too; though I'm guessing she could probably benefit from shorter cranks and a smaller outer CR.

totaly agree

with the chainwheel. I wouldn't recomend more than 50 teeth!

Shorter than 170mm? I

Shorter than 170mm? I should have put a track crank on there (lol). I would heed this advice, but the budget has dried up.... If there is going to be a change in parts, it's going to be of the new owners' doing. That being said, she knows very, very little about bikes, so I doubt she'll change a thing.

you better school her on

you better school her on some basic bike know-how then

Will do. With such a nice

Will do. With such a nice ride she better know her sh*t!

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