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Bikes I've had over the course of the last 4 years-#4: Fixed tandem

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a death wish made for 2

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Fixed Tandem

Who would ever ride in the back?!!! A beer fart... your dead.

youve really owned all of these bikes?

why not just have one nice bike. and why are there different people on your bikes? and none of your pictures are in the same location. saying youve had a bunch of crappy bikes over four years is ridiculous.

well, a wise man (Sheldon

well, a wise man (Sheldon brown) once said to me, "why have just one bike, Jon?". As you are a neophyte (i looked at your rides) i can just say to you that cycling is rich and varied, and there are many different styles of riding. If you stick with it I'm sure you'll discover that.
--plus, building bikes is fun! And, as a messenger and mechanic, you are always getting great deals on stuff. the funny thing is, I got bored with posting all of the bikes I've owned recently, and what's on Velospace isn't half of them. As far as them being in different places and having "different" people on them, well they are all mostly pictures of Colorado and Seattle, but seasons do change, so i can see how that would confuse you, and as for different people, nope, all me. sorry to disappoint. I have a (maybe 3) nice bikes that I don't get rid of at all.
And as far as any of these bikes being "crappy" (like the custom Titanium track bike, or the custom stainless steel bike, or the custom Tiemyer, or...etc,etc,etc) well to each his own, however I would encourage you to let me know your opinions on "nice bikes" when you've ridden a real bike. A resprayed bianchi Pista hardly qualifies.

I have a feeling that you are very young, and although there are many beautiful things about youth, unformed opinions based on limited life experience and the lack of self control to keep them to yourself are not one of them.

but, as they say, "arguing on the internet is like winning the special Olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded."
so I'll leave it at this and not say any more on the subject.


Thats quite a thoughtful answer. I can see you feel its necessary to explain yourself to me, I apologize. My advice to you is this: dont get worked up enough that you would waste your time writing such an lengthy response. your not accountable to me, im just on the other side of a computer.

lighten up.

ok, consider me

ok, consider me "lightened"



i've got a Tandem Schwinn i want to restore.

but i think i'm going to do it fixed free w/front brake.

free wheel to the lake,
flip it when we get there 10 or 15 laps,
then flip-it when we're ready to leave!

wouldnt it be easier to ride if you had clipless pedals and shoes
cages and Double-Straps

Face full of

Face full of ass.

Next on ESPN2:

Next on ESPN2: Doubles skid comp semifinals!

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