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60's Track ("GERBER")

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(?)/ 55/ 60's

3ttt pista/ 3ttt

Columbus pista/ Campagnolo record pista

Campagnolo Record pista/ Mavic MA 2/Continental GP 4000 special edition 23"

Campagnolo Record pista/ Continental GP 4000 special edition 23"

Campagnolo Record Pista/ Campagnolo record

Turbo Special/ Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo SR pista (Ti) pedal, Toshi double straps/ Izumi gold

Campagnolo Monoplaner/ Dia Compe

49x18 Campagnolo pista/ EFJOT

Still help needed to identify the frame! The origin is unsure, propably made in Italy. It was in a bike shop (-> Gerber) for over 30 years used rarely for Goldsprints. I added the allready drilled track fork from another bike (my first fixed 12 years ago, the preowner converted it into a road bike with drilled brake holes...). The frame had already some white "Gerber" decals but I replaced them with the golden ones. But it is definately not from Gerber - therefore it is too old. The BB is verry low and the whole geometry is special. If you can identify the lugs / tubing/ producer - anything could be helpfull...

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Dunno if this helps

With ref to "The origin of the frame is unsure but it was in a bike shop for over 30 years used rarely for Goldsprints."

Not sure what exactly you mean by origin; you probably know this already, but Gerber was (hopefully is) a Swiss bike shop. I'd visited. Its possibly in Oftringen. Had visited it in 1985.

Best regards,


Gerber shop

They still exist and it was there where I bought the frame. But the owner of Gerber told me that this bike was already in the shop when he began working there 25 years ago (so it was there as well when you visited them ;-)). I think Gerber started in the 70's but this frame seems to be older than that. Only some special frames where made in Switzerland but also by another company the rest was produced in Italy for Gerber. But how ever this bike is probably older than the shop and I'm still wondering who made it. Thank you for your interest and what made you to come to Gerber in the 80's?
Kind regards


Love this! Comes very close to my early 70's Presto. The long ht and steep st,that old style geometry. Bet it rides great.


You're right, the frame of your Presto seems to be close to this one but the lugs are different. I like your bike btw! Maybe this is a hint to find out who made this frame...
Yes and it rides great - I like the Geometry of real track bikes!

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