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2012 Massaro Custom Road

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Massaro / 54cm / 2012

3T Ergosum Pro / 3T Arx-Pro

Massaro / King NoThreadSet

Campagnolo Zonda / Michelin Pro 4

Campagnolo Zonda / Michelin Pro 4

Campagnolo Record 11 / Campagnolo Record

Fizik Antares VS / 3T Dorico Pro

Dura Ace 7900 Carbon / Campagnolo

Campagnolo Record 11 / Campagnolo Record 11

Campagnolo Record 11 / Campagnolo Record 11

Zipp Carbon bottle cage

Built this frame (Columbus Zona) earlier this year. Since it's my personal ride, I decided to go with Campy and 3T components.

Italian tradition. Modern steel.

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Great Work, Joe. Excellent

Must be very proud of this one. A lot of guys in here can say they've built up their bikes but only a very select smattering can say they've built the FRAME itself, all to personal dimensions. It's the ultimate custom custom with the added benefit of every time you swing a leg over or look at it sitting across from you, you can think, "I made that beast." Look forward to seeing the latest. Looks quite amazing and to think it's one of the first you made adds to the equation.


Thanks. It accomplishes my need

Thanks. It accomplishes my need to be creative and have functionality. And being custom does spoil me a bit.

Great Looking Bike

Wow, you did a really nice job building this up. Lovely bike!


Great bike!! Like the rest of your collection. Nice colour, nice components, overlall, absolutely perfect. Now what's better, carbon or steel ???

Never been on a carbon road

Never been on a carbon road bike so I'm not qualified to answer. Had a Klein Mantra Race (carbon fiber version of Mantra) back in the day but that's a mountain bike.

love it

This is a nice build, do you know what the weight is?

Weighed it today on a

Weighed it today on a digital scale and it came in right at 18 pounds. Pretty good for a steel bike.

Never weighed it but I'm

Never weighed it but I'm guessing 17-18 pounds. I could drop over a pound if I went to a carbon fork but I wanted keep it all steel. Not too hung up on the weight, it's more about the ride and comfort. Once you get beyond any frame, whether it be steel or carbon, you're dealing with the same choice for components. I could shave grams if I went with Campy Super Record but it's hard to justify the price difference between Record and Super Record for a few grams because of a couple of Titanium bolts. Same is true for the 3T components, aluminum versus carbon fiber and the price almost triples. Campy Zonda is mid range but very happy with them and I feel like the best bang for the buck as far as Campy wheels. The wheelset might be the one place to upgrade in the future. Could go slightly lighter on the pedals but really like the Dura Ace 7900s because they have a wide platform. I did go TOL (top of line) with the Fizik Arione CX Carbon saddle. It's the one component worth spending a little more on.


hOLA!, Hola, can you also describe the ride in this new steel and the difference with the previous retro steels?, I see that you ride both, thanks. "Sweet dreams in the Road", ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz. From Mexico DF.

The quick answer is new

The quick answer is new steel is lighter, stronger, stiffer. Columbus Life and Columbus Spirit are a bit lighter than Zona. Thinner walls but prone to denting. Zona is more durable. I have about 5000 miles on this frame and not one issue.

The biggest difference between this bike and my vintage bikes is this bike was built specifically to my dimensions and how I ride. I can stay comfortable for much longer distances. Modern components add to the comfort as well. Ergo shifters versus downtube shifters. That's the conundrum of vintage builds (period correct versus comfort), I like to be period correct. Then there's the weight difference. The vintage bikes are in the 21+ pound range. Never weighed this bike but I'm guessing somewhere in the 17-18 range.


Hola!.I see this destination to comfort for long periods, the steel part sensitive to shock, but I guess you're not a Kamikaseman, and like everything else, nothing is eternal, which I hope will be a champion in this vehicle, if so, you might say. thanks for the info. "Sweet dreams in the way." ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz.


Hola!, can you talk, about the new steel in this bike?, would be interesting to know. A beautiful bicycle frame. Truly an Italian traditional renovated. "Sweet dreams in the Road", ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz. From Mexico DF.

Here's some other

Here's some other builds:[email protected]/

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