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80'S PANASONIC team time trial FIXED conversion

Bike tags: Fixed gear | fixed gear | funny bike | panasonic | time trial
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80's panasonic team time trial

fun bike to ride - with 24" front wheel

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No hate

Zero hating, but considering you have soooo many bikes, what's with the conversions? I just mean, you've got resources, why not build these road beauties to spec or just stick to the track frames? I divested of my road bike, so I know full well what it means to prefer fixed, but it seems odd to force some choice swag to be a fixed when it's got road rear spacing, cable guides, shifter bosses, road rear drop outs, and a derailleur hanger...
BTW, that Pepto Bismol pink 3Rensho is unbelievable!!!!!!

Riding a road frame

Riding a road frame (standard or pursuit) in time trial events on either road or track events is legal.

Hill climbing events is also done like this only needing a front or rear brake.

Winter training by roadies was done this way also.

For us old timers seeing this, is the norm.

Seems to be late 88-89 frameset

time trial

I don't want to offend ether, but this little bonecrusher would -in my humble opinion- really deserve to be geared up. Moreover, a more recent time-trial bar with a little offset and maybe a more conservative seatpost would be, what 'me, myself and I' would put on there right away - Cheers !


Thanks for not hating. I think I'm like a drug addict . But replace drugs with bikes. I even think some bikes I come across are not worthy ( or too clean) for me. So I move them on to a better home. I have come across some beautiful bikes . Road and track . Many end up in someone's collection. Or on a wall. I'm a user , so I prefer bikes that I can ride and not afraid to scratch up. I only ride fixed now . But started with road bikes many years ago. Many of these time trial bikes arnte ridden anymore because there geometry is too extreme for everyday riding. The guy I got this one from had it sitting in a garage for the last 20 years. So at least it's being ridden now. Take care,


They're just temporary builds before he flips the frame.

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