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Bridgestone RB-1 1993 w/ SRAM Red

Bike tags: Road bike | bridgestone | rb-1 | SRAM RED | steel
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Bridgestone RB-1 / 53cm / 1993

Ritchey Carbon Logic Curve 40cm / Ritchey Classic stem 100mm

Ritchey Double Crown fork, Cane Creek 100 Classic 1" threadless

Easton EA90 SLX / Continental GP4000S 25c w/ reflective strips

Easton EA90 SLX / Continental GP4000S 25c w/ reflective strip

SRAM Red 50/34 165mm / SRAM RED Ceramic BB 68mm English Threaded

Selle San Marco Caymano / Ritchey Classic 27.2

Bebop Pedals w/ Ti axle / SRAM Red chain

SRAM Red Shifters and Rear Derailleur, / 2012 SRAM Red Front Derailleur


11-25 Cassette / 50-34 Compact chainrings / Mt. Zoom Carbon Bottle Cages

I found this frame on craigslist and was excited to finally find a RB-1 frame in my size from the iconic 1993 year in the yellow color. I used my SRAM Red group from a previous carbon build and planned to keep it there temporarily - maybe doing a true period correct build. But I've decided to keep it as is - since the new SRAM Red 2012 group is out.

The original 1993 RB-1 in yellow actually was spec-ed with 8speed Ultegra STI Brifters and had 130mm rear spacing. So it was natural and easy to put on a modern groupset.

The fork/headset is a true threadless set up. I salvaged an old/rusted 1994 RB-1 fork (with the same Ritchey Double Crown design) in a size 62cm frame. After powder blasting it it was fine so I repainted it and there was enough steerer to accommodate a threadless setup. I used a Cane Creek 100 Classic 1" headset and a thomson 25.4-28.6 shim with the modern Ritchey Classic stem.

The Cane Creek 100 Classic 1" headset also has a compatible threaded top assembly in case I want to use the previous threaded fork with a quill stem. I'm happy to have options in case if one of the forks gets damaged in the future.

I previously used the threaded setup with a threadless-threaded adaptor.

I love the 1993/1994 RB-1 frames and forks because of the Ritchey Double crown fork and also because the frames have fender braze-ons. I currently have Sheldon Fender Brake Nuts installed make fender installation quick and easy - under 5 min.

Actual weight of the bike is 17.35lbs with pedals and bottle cages. I'm very happy with the weight considering the steel frame and fork. I do realize that the build group is very very light and it is a small frame size though.

Lastly, I'm running Continental GP4000S 25c tires, which actually measure 27mm in width. They fit easily, I think I could actually fit 32c tires but I guess 28c is the limit for use with fenders. With the 25c GP4000 tires this bike is very comfortable....

Thank you to for providing period correct Ishiwata Cromo decals for the new fork.


Take note of pictures of the new threadless headset and Ritchey Double Crown Fork. Also the use of Sheldon Fender Nuts (which are simultaneously brake nuts) which make the installation of fenders quick and easy.

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Amazing weight considering

Amazing weight considering the steel fork. My 52cm TI bike with SRAM Red, quill stem, alloy steerer+carbon fork, and heavier wheels weighs more than this bike.

fits a 32?

Have you tried fitting a 32mm tire on it? If not, could you try? I ride the same size, hard to find. Even harder to find smaller bikes that fit fat tires (that are of any quality). If it could fit cyclocross tires, I want one!!

it can easily fit 32c tires.

it can easily fit 32c tires. if it can fit fenders then it can fit 32c. It does depend on your brakes though, the SRAM brakes have ample space for a 32c tire. There was a trend to make brakes more low profile in the last 5 years, but these days the big three groupsets brakes are getting wider to accommodate larger tires again.

I'm pretty sure with the SRAM brakes you're going to have to deflate a 32c tire a little before removing a whole wheel though. the 25c GP4000s (which measure 27mm) already are a little tight to take off with the quick release wide open.


Awesome!! Thanx for the info!! When I get one, I will be having canti studs welded on. I want to make an RB-1 into a cyclocross bike.

well you can just get a

well you can just get a Bridgestone MB-1 or even better an XO-1 those two bikes were already have the canti braze ons. From there just do a drop bar conversion.

I had thought about that

I had thought about that...but...They are both heavier and not as racey of geometry. A lot of 80's race bike share similar geometry with today cross bikes. I also just like turning old bikes into awesome cross machines!


nice work!

i also love the neo-retro approach, some great frames made over the years well deserving of a modern component refresh! id love to see more people start taking this approach with their new road builds rather than buying the latest piece of carbon from the LBS.

also, great idea finding a donor hard to do that kinda thing with larger jealous haha



The ritchey "classic" touches really make it work (not that it wouldnt still be awesome) but looks great. Personally I like the non-brooks/belled setup but yeah, either way good job with reincarnation here. Thanks for sharin'her

Wow, what a machine !! What

Wow, what a machine !!
What about carbon fork?

adding a carbon fork

adding a carbon fork (painted to match) would be an excellent idea, especially since it would save a ton a weight. but the specific fork on the 1993/1994 models is a very iconic fork: The Ritchey designed double crown fork. So I ended up finding a donor fork from a 62cm 1994 RB-1 frame and turning it into a true threadless headset/system. It was a win-win because I got to keep the original ritchey double crown fork, save 200+ grams with the new threadless headset setup, and also have an extra fork just incase one gets damaged.

what about

what about it?!


threadless steel fork is perfect on here

Great one..

I have done the same thing to my MASI. I opted for Sram Force, since I prefer the looks of the cranks over the RED cranks on vintage steel bikes. When I chose to mix one of my favorite frames with a new group, my choice was quickly validated by the best ride and performance I could imagine. I think you picked a great frame to mix this group with.

I just checked out your

I just checked out your Masi. Nice build. Wow you found an Easton EC90 Carbon fork with a 1" steerer? Super Duper rare/difficult to find. Good Steel + Full Carbon fork must be a magic carpet ride.

I wish I bought 2 of the 1in Easton

I wish I had anther Easton as well in 1 in. For the most part I am surprised that more people do not retrofit a high end vintage steel with modern components more often. I really dig the Trek as well. I have a Lemond OCLV that I love. You have great taste man...

Same thing I did with two of

Same thing I did with two of my vintage rides, one Campy Record and the other Force (currently Ultegra). Steel frame with modern components is just about the best ride you can hope for.

Gorgeous. Though I think it


Though I think it needs some king Ti bottle cages :D

Hell yeah. How all bikes

Hell yeah.
How all bikes should be. Light and fender compatible.

Friggin sweet!! awesome!!! I am all about putting modern parts on vintage frames. It breathes new life into the bike. I would really like to get ab RB-1, and hang the Dura Ace 7800 I have on it. Nice job. Keep it as is, and rip that thing on group rides!! I would!!

^Thanks!Some retro-grouches


Some retro-grouches will make sometimes snide comments about putting sram red on and I have to remind that this bike was originally spec'd with Ultegra 8sp STI shifters.

I'm loving the steel ride. I may never go back to carbon after this - especially since you can get steel almost weight weenie approved overall bike weights these days.

Screw the retro grouch

There is nothing like a steel frame bike. I did up a Centurion Ironman for my girlfriend with Ultegra SL 10 Speed group. I put my old cyclocross crank (painted to match bike) and a set of Bontrager Race Lites for wheels. Thing rides amazing...if only, it was not purple.


Amen, props on the build. The tange tubing on this probably rides like a dream!

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