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U. Scanini Discotheque Crono

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U. Scanini 53x53

Cinelli Giro D'Italia 40cm, Cinelli 1A 110mm

Kestrel Carbon, Dura Ace 7200

Mavic Aksium

Mavic Aksium

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San Marco Rolls, San Marco Aero

MKS Sylvan Prime, SRAM PC 870

Dura Ace 7402, Mavic 840, Mavic 862

Dura Ace 7400

11-23 8 speed, 52x42

This took way too long to build. It is super garish, I know, but it rides like a dream. I bought it from Poland for a song; I fell in love with the crimped tubing, internal routing, and Silva dropouts. I am learning to love the dimensional splatter paint.

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Wow that's

a great bike! Congrats!!

Great detail

For some reason(possibly besides my absurd love), those cranks just seem to set the whole build off perfectly!


It was pretty hard to find chainrings that matched the profile of the Mavic arms. I tried a bunch of different rings, but a lot of them looked strange. I think the FSA ring was a pretty good fit and the machined edge works well with the design.


From the crimped tubing to the splatter paint, the details of this bike are fascinating. The Mavic components are really nice.


From the moment I took it out of the box, I knew that this frame was very special. I had to do something just a little bit different to do it justice.

By the way, I love your Harry Quinn!

Subtle Touches

Thanks for the compliment on the Harry Quinn. Taking another look at your beautiful bike, I noticed some subtle touches that I really like. The gold and champagne tones of the cables and pedal cages are nice little accents that don't jump out at you. The FSA chainring works well with the Mavic spider/starfish.

Yea, notice the lugged

Yea, notice the lugged dropouts? Awesome!

Absolutely love this one

Absolutely love this one Roni! Another one right out the ballpark bud. My size too ;)

Thanks for the kind words!

This may be my last vintage build for awhile, I am starting to build my own custom frames and I have some truly special stuff all lined up...

Nice Build!

Actually, I think it looks great and I can see why you fell for her. It's certainly different, but that's not a bad thing at all. Never heard of it though. Do you know anything about the brand?


Actually, I do. Here is what I have gathered from the internet:

U. Scanini was a Belgian brand, they had a factory in Beauvechain for the mass produced bikes, but did custom work with Italian builders and Eddy Martens in West Flanders. My bike has an English BB, and I have a strong feeling it was made by Eddy Martens (Martelly) based on other Martelly frames I have seen.

Martens and his son have built for a number of brands including Diamant, Dossche Sport, Giovanni, Coppi, Jan Janssen, Chinetti, and Concorde. They also have built frames for pro teams like Splendor, Sigma Histor, Boston-Mavic, and Safir.

The crimped tubing is especially interesting. The owner of U. Scanini had a special press made to give them the unique five ribbed profile, one more than Colnago!


Nice build, indeed. I used to have a U.Scanini myself that I had found in Brussels, which really was a perfect fit for me. *sigh* -if I only could have kept it ! Anyhow, my LBS back then had several new 'U. Scaninis', even aluminium and carbon ones. I should have asked for details that he certainly could have answered (J. Meylemans in Zaventem, near Brussels airport).

I could hardly find info myself: What does the 'U.' stand for ? Was there actually a shop where these were made, or is Scanini just a label ? As far as I know, builders could get custom-crimped tubes directly from Columbus themselves ('Trafiltubi') - Additionally, I know that aluminium tubes can be 'shaped', but can it be done to thin walled steel ones ? Never mind - Great bike, after all.

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