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the follis

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wide bars, nitto technomic

something cheap from the quality catalog; tange headset

mavic open sport to formula 32-hole

mavic open sport to formula flip-flop 36-hole

sugino cranks, phil wood 110 mm w/ french rings (no more trolling eBay!)

something comfy, something french

egg beaters, 3/32" kmc


NEW UPDATE: i rebuilt the front end; see boring explanation here.

UPDATE: finally got a new front wheel built, to match (almost) the rear, promote smoother riding and accommodate studded tires for the winter. also, when trading campagnolo brakes for the tall bike i remembered i was using one of the barrel adjusters on the diacompe brake, so i had to give that up and i went back to the universal super68, which was actually original to the bike back in 1970 or whenever.

so now the may snapshots are joined by a couple from late august, which is a good time for rudbeckia but not much else.

i was resisting putting this bike on teh internet because i thought i was going to paint it, or something. but it is my 24-7-52 rider and i may never paint it, so here it is, a snapshot (as it were) of the bike as of late may, 2006; if you could only smell the russian olive blossoms! updates will be posted without warning (or cause, for that matter).

i bought this bike some 30 years ago, used, from a college student. at that time it was clean and mostly original (there was a suntour rear derailleur that didn't quite match). much has happened since then, however. it's on its third fork (never carry a garden rake on a bike!), for example. i resurrected it (recalled to life!) as a fixed gear a couple of years ago when i began bicycle commuting and didn't want to ride my track bike in the rain anymore. keeping it on the road has been interesting.

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durifort tubing

A good url on durifort tubing is I have a follis, bit it's a silver Roman coin, you want to to a swap ???

i'll keep the bike

thanks for the info on the tubing. and i appreciate the offer to swap, but how would i get to work every day?

Follis Tandem

I've got a beastly Follis Tandem, same color as yours with a gorgeous patina. It rides like a Russian tank and is about as heavy. One night I forget to lock it up. In the morning when I went out to check on it, instead of it being stolen, there were two Follis tandems sitting there. Now that's the true sign of a classic. Thanks for the pics.

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