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CHESINI Uno X Pantographed C Record special order Campagnolo Sheriff Star

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Chesini Uno X / 60cm

Cinelli/ ITM

Chesini/ Campagnolo

Campagnolo Sheriff C Record

Campagnolo Sheriff C Record

C Record

Concor/ C Record

Campagnolo C Record

C Record

Delta Brakes Campagnolo C Record

Here is one of the finest examples of a Chesini anywhere. I always wanted a Uno X and came across this bike pretty much as seen here. This bike is 100% original as ordered from the factory. Even the rear derailleur is painted and pantographed to match. I have never seen another Uno X with this much detail. Hope you all enjoy this one.


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stem, seat post, rear mech...

what a bike!

can't forget the brakes!

can't forget the brakes!


This is beauty is absolutly off the charts! All the way down to the paint on the rear der!

Best Chesini paint job yet!

Best Chesini paint job yet!

Wow ! incredible bike

Wow ! incredible bike

Homuna homuna homuna dribble

Homuna homuna homuna dribble dribble dribble


this might actually be too nice to ride. incredible


That is awesometastic!! An absolutely stunning bike!

Holy sh*t! This is gorgeous!

Holy sh*t! This is gorgeous! How did come across this?

Local Purchase...

This purchase was right under my nose. I go to the same bike shops over and over here in LA. One day I got to talking to one of the owners after taking my mountain bike in for a tune up. He brought up that he had this bike put away in his back office, where it had been for years. Obviously a large shop with tons of storage. I made the purchase after many months of negotiating. He did not want to sell it. My persistence paid off.

Work of Art

That's really a work of art.

Happy to post it here.

Thanks for the feedback. Notice the Crank covers. I had never seen this before on a bike. This is original to the bike, done at the factory, laced leather wrapping. I am looking for NOS Almarc white leather to wrap the bars with to finish it off.


I take it those are to

I take it those are to prevent strap wear? They sure do look cool.

I am at a loss for words.

I am at a loss for words. This has to be one of the nicest bikes I've ever seen.

Slightly weak pics...

Sorry for the weak pics. I will try to reshoot tomorrow. This bike deserves better.


Fuck me......

Fuck me, wow!


wowie zowie

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