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80's MASI 3volumetrica PURSUIT track bike

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masi pursuit track / late 80's or early 90's ?

Not sure exact year. You tell me. I have not seen too many of these around . Tight geometry. I got a pretty good deal on the frame because it was missing original fork. I found a similar era columbus pista fork for now. Frame is purple, but looks blue under certain lighting

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Man, you are just getting a hold of the best stuff. Really nice!

I've never been a fan of

I've never been a fan of masi's lugs that look like condoms rolled over the tubes. Nice tight geo though...


true dat

you outbid me at the last

you outbid me at the last second. how long before you post it on ebay @ fifteen hundred dollars?

Aw, I would've loved to have

Aw, I would've loved to have seen you build it up. Much more interesting than seeing Dustin flip it (sorry Dustin, but it's true).




I put a bid in the night before it ended. But then i had to find a fork for it. I think thats why it didnt end very high. I still don't have original fork, but this one will do for now. I think it would have went for more than twice that if it had original fork. Oh well, I'll live with it. Do u want to buy? I'd figure I would ride for a little while first.

curious where you sourced

curious where you sourced that fork and if you know who built it? looks like a very nice fork. i actually have a fork off of a road 3v sitting in my garage with the masi logo stamped on the crown which is what i was going to use.

also, i had talked to the original seller; i cannot believe he HAD the original fork, and put it on some project that he flipped to someone else. this means the fork may still be out there, but good luck finding it : /


Maybe I can find someone to engrave the masi logo on the fork crown. That sucks that he kept the fork . Probably worth what around 0 to 0 for fork alone? I had a couple road forks laying around , but the brake hole would have been a downer for me. After I saw the frame , I was looking for track forks at same time on eBay . I found this one , which was closet I found to original .it was vintage and made of columbus tubing with nice tight geometry.Unfortunately the steerer tube was too short , so I had t have steerer tube transplanted from another fork. Probably going to get it chromed. Take care,


I love when people build up bikes specifically to upload to velospace.


for the comment on the bike. I thought thats what this section was for

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