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Ciocc Designer 84

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Ciocc - Designer 84 / 54cm / ???


stock / Campy SR

32h Campy SR hub / Mavic MA40 / Specialized Transition A

32h Campy SR hub / Mavic MA40 / Specialized Transition A

Campy SR

Selle Italia Ti Flite / Campy SR

MKS / Toshi / Sedis

Campy SR

Campy SR / Shimano 600 Tri-color

13-24 7-speed Sachs freewheel / 54-42 Chainrings


Picked this up from an old roadie. Did the Cannonball Run once in the mid 80's, a few centuries, then sat unridden for 20+ years. Chrome is smoked, which is unfortunately more brittle, but looks gorgeous. My dry weather geared commuter / errand / about town bike.

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Ciocc one of the best handling of the vintage sect

Helluva commuter. Very nice though probably underutilized. Easily one of the best handling vintage bikes there is and the Columbus SL version is just so damn light for the larger sizes. I own some nice frames and I still put Ciocc as the best cornering bike of the vintage crowd due to short wheelbase and steeper HT (move rear wheel as far in towards ST as possible). Has better road feel than De Rosa and a bit more lively as well. Perhaps, ultimately not quite as balanced or stiff as the De Rosa but it's not as heavy either. On par with the feel of my Grandis, which is saying a lot. I think they didnt use a lot of Columbus SP on the bigger frames which actually is a plus when it comes to feel if not ultimate stiffness. In all honesty, SP tends to make a bike feel somewhat dead. As with all vintage rides, you're better off really ramping it up while seated vs getting out of the saddle and flogging it like a testosteroned ape. This bike almost deserves to lose the bell and tail light. Round it out with SR levers and some Campag Superleggeri pedals with leather straps. A Regal or Concor would be extra credit (if you land a Concor Superleggera saddle, you'll be amazed at how light a Concor can be). This bike can give the decked out carbon patrol some serious pause. Nothing like revolving in a current day paceline in the mid-upper 20s while on your early 80s steel festooned "boat anchor."

- kh


Yeah...I've never been much for competitive cycling. Done a few crits and alleycats (not on this bike though) but I mainly just like riding for fun and utilitarian/health reasons. And, my commute is 23 miles round trip, around a lot of urban obstacles and through the downtown/stadium corridor, so the responsive handling definitely comes in handy. SLX definitely feels stiffer than my SL bike. And yeah, the only times I'm out of the saddle is when I'm climbing, and even then it's only for the steepest climbs. If I were racing on this bike, I'd definitely get rid of the bell and lights. But this is used a for more utilitarian and less competitive purposes, so I need those things. Love your stable abtrait, it's amzing to look at the bikes you have.

Designer 84!!

This frame is a real gem. I really like it to ride....much better than many younger frames. You should search for campy brake levers to complete the gruppo. remove the ugly backlight...clip it on your pants :)


You got yourself a very sexy bike.

This is

pretty much my bike's slightly classier, slightly hotter sister. :D

I'm takin mine thru the rain though!

"Slightly?" :D

Jk. Yours has a way more bitchin' paint job. Now I feel deficient for making this a fair weather ride.

Lovin the gummies on this.

Lovin the gummies on this. Looks great.

Needs Campy levers, other

Needs Campy levers, other than that it is gorgeous.


...that's my next next move. I wish SR of this period had aero levers, but Campy levers are definitely in the future.

YEAH this is RAD!

YEAH this is RAD!

DAYUM!! That is one fine

DAYUM!! That is one fine lookin' bike

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