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Romic Pursuit

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Fixed Gear Aerospoke Pursuit
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Romic 53 cm

Chopped Risers (sometimes Cinelli Bullhorns) and Beeftastic shitstorm




Miche Primo/ Campagnola

Turbo/ unknown

Shitty/ KMC

48/ 16

This is my third track bike. But this bike means the most of out all the bikes I have had. This bike took around 20 hours to build. The only thing I really had to pay for was the Aerospoke wheel. The frame was given to me straight out of his storage. The back wheel and saddle came off and earlier bike of mine. The Stem and seatpost were given to me by some buds at the bike shop while we were building it up. Pretty soon I will be getting a Surly rear wheel.

The story on the stem. I wanted to be able to switch from risers (for the street) and be able to go back to drops for when I race track, without having to tear my grips off. This means I have to have the rediculously hideous stem on there.

I want to thank three people! Damian and Joe at Bike Source for all of the help, parts, and countless hours of fun. And then last but certainly not least, Richard, for the awesome frame!!

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That is a damn nice frame!

That is a damn nice frame! But you dont need that stem for your purposes. I switch handlebars all the time. Any open face stem will do. However there are but few quill stems made in an open face. I had one made by Salsa. Hope that helps.

i would


if i cut them i wont have clearence



it seems like there is space for like 3 or 4 to be taken off. but i was just sayin' that if it was for me. but it's not it's you! none the less, the bike looks sick (especially the stem).

this it definatly by far one

this it definatly by far one of the sickest pursuit frames ive ever seen. if you ever want to sell...lemme know

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