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DBS Professionale Pista

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DBS Professionale Pista (built by Daccordi), 63x58cm, 1980's

42cm Cinelli Giro d'Italia, 125mm Cinelli XA

DBS Flat Crown (not drilled for brakes), Tange

36h Dura Ace 7600 NJS to Hard Anodized H+Son TB14's, Veloflex Pave

36h Dura Ace 7600 NJS to Hard Anodized H+Son TB14's, Panaracer Pasela (bleh.)

Campagnolo Record Pista, Sugino 75

Original Titanium Flite, Thomson

MKS Sylvans, LL NJS MKS Cages, Cadence Double Straps or Time Atacs, SRAM PC-1

49:17 or 49:18, Campagnolo Pista chainring with splined Pista chainring bolts

Bought it NOS off of eBay for something like $ 300. It's got a massive seat tube and a not-so-massive top tube. I've got a threaded Wound-Up coming so I can finally run a front brake. Compared to my GT, it rides like a wet noodle. Nonetheless, I love it.

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Talk about tree-people! Excellent build, I know what you mean about going from a GTB to steel.. Weird at first, but nice.

Thank you! I really like the

Thank you! I really like the ride of it, the GT is a little too harsh for street riding.

In correlation

to my other comment on your GTB, I'm starting to wonder if all these years on a Concor haven't made me completely numb and addicted to stiff frames :P

I was never fond of the

I was never fond of the Concor. It just seemed too flat for me. I have always liked how it looks though.

Can't be much

flatter than a Flite? Probably less cushioning; I've always wanted to try one(Flite)to be honest.

I love my Flites (all 3 of

I love my Flites (all 3 of them :) )

I'm really enjoying

the Flite for my roadie, although I might still prefer the Concor for track since I can dig against the back more.

Wow, what a score!!

A NOS track frame made by Daccordi for that amount? That looks like a nice fork. Did you consider installing a clamp-on brake so you can keep the same fork without drilling them?

I really like the fork, but

I really like the fork, but I really don't like Keirin clamps. I've heard they're flexy and they can damage the paint on the fork. Not to mention they're ugly. And I think a Wound-Up could look really cool on it.

Flexy & Paint Damage

Hmmm...not good. Wound Up is a killer choice. Stiffness, vibration dampening, light weight, plus it looks great. Yeah, the clamps were just a suggestion. I've never been interested in them. Come to think of it, they do look hokey.

Finally, someone who tilts

Finally, someone who tilts their flite right.

And I fixed your "0", vspace doesn't like a $ right next to a number

Slightly nose up is the only

Slightly nose up is the only way to go! And thanks for fixing that.

Saddle angles

Heck yeah brotha.

Heck yeah brotha.

Those are the wheels from

Those are the wheels from your gtb right? You plan on something different in the future? Also no one seems to like their paselas whats wrong with them?

Yeah, they are. I have my

Yeah, they are. I have my old Miche to FiR wheelset that goes on this bike usually. I'm hoping to one day build a high flange polished Phil Wood to Campagnolo Omega Aero Hardox wheelset. But, that's not high on my list of priorities. I tried to like the Paselas, I really did. I ignored what everyone else said and gave them a shot. They... suck. They're so sluggish and heavy.

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