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Bike tags: Road bike | green | italian
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selle italia flite

Bought it in mint condition from an old italian man who couldn't ride anymore. Mostly unchanged, only tires and tape

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Hadn't noticed

To be honest I hadn't really noticed the brake setup. So : whoa fuck is that a nice bike!!

But now that it's been pointed out to me I think it kills it for me. It just looks kinda ugly and inefficient for a couple of reasons.

No problem with the single brake. Except that fast bikes need good efficient brakes. That's done with two brakes. If you're not a lefty I'd use my right hand (with the most dexterity to control that front monobrake)

Kudos on the find!

Yeah, this is pretty fucking

Yeah, this is pretty fucking retarded. This half-assed brake set-up is not only pointless and embarrassing, but dangerous to you and others. You owe it to the people you share the world with to ride with two functioning brakes. Otherwise just throw away the derailleurs and shit and convert it to a fixie already.


Who mounted this brake lever like that ? Was that you or the poor old Italian you bought it from ?
What happened to the 2nd brake ?

Consider a proper brake set up and clips,
otherwise cool bike. - Cheers

Rear brake seems to be MIA.

Rear brake seems to be MIA.

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