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Robu no VIVALO NJS Keirin bike in JAPAN

Bike tags: Track bike | B123 | bike | bull horns | frame | more tags >>
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VIVALO NJS Keirin track bike frame blue/white fade paint

nitto chopped njs track bar w/custom dark grey/glitter metalflake paint, soyo keirin grips, SE Vitesse stem

VIVALO NJS :loveheart: fork, Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS headset

Dura Ace NJS 7600 w/Araya GOLD njs rim, asahi njs spokes.

Dura Ace NJS 7600 twin thread w/Araya GOLD njs rim, asahi njs spokes.

Suntour Superbe Pro NJS crank, Sugino 75 njs bb

Kashima 5GOLD njs white (soon to be red 5GOLD), Nitto Jaguar NJS seatpost

Kyokuto ProAce NJS pedals, Toshi njs straps, mks njs clips - DID njs chain (silver)

13 for midnight runs, and 16 for skidding around. Both Shimano DuraAce NJS, with DA njs lock ring. 46 front chainring DA NJS.

All my stuff for sale (NJS) is at NJSFRAMES.BLOGSPOT.COM

Soon to be fitted.....front brake adapter clamp, front shimano brake, different tyres, dark red kashima 5gold saddle w/padding (although not much!).
Also most likely this will all be swapped over to another bigger frame shortly, because this one is too small for me.

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Why has nobody commented on

Why has nobody commented on that seat angle yet?

what model nitto bars are

what model nitto bars are these?

probs b123

at least that's one of the tags he put on the bike so i assume so
really a beauty of a bike...

this is like my favorite

this is like my favorite bike on velospace


Nice to see someone run their bull horns parallel with the stem for a change. Lookin good !


that frame is beautiful. what size is it?

i would love to take it off your hands...

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