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Mid 80's Ciöcc

Bike tags: Road bike | Ciöcc | columbus aelle | italian | shimano 600
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Nitto Noodle 44cm/Nitto Dynamic10 110

Ciöcc/Shimano 600

Paul Comp/DT Swiss R 1.1/Vittoria Rubino 25c

Shimano Dura Ace 7400/Open Pro SUP/ Rubino 25c

Shimano 600~

Selle Italia Flite Ti/Thomson Elite(shimmed)

Shimano 105 Clipless

Shimano 600~

Shimano 600/Dia Compe

Likely mid 80's Columbus Aelle(My best bet is the Gran Sport frame model)?

Asymmetrical chroming on right rear chain-stay. Paint is Powder blue to white fade.

Swapped in a silver Thomson post I had lying around, and laced it with a fresh pair of rubinos.

Changed cockpit for more heads up and less creakiness.

Adding the Dura Ace rear wheel has made the shifting pristine; had a few shifts today where I wasn't sure it even had moved until I pushed on the crank :)

Now with all Nitto cockpit upon my addition of Nitto Noodle drops. This cockpit is verry nice ;)

Ciocc Bike shop-

~Front deraullieur friction washers are worn and need replacing? or not..?

Renamed Slippy due to realizing the seattube is stretched and has required a shim.
+Slippy may have been fixed by cutting + new binder bolt. Still need to get left shifter friction washer replaced.

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Dura Ace

That's great you got a Dura Ace rear wheel on there. I love the Dura Ace rear derailleur and shifter on my funny bike. Just so you know I'm not totally against the Shimano stuff.


I figured with all that beautiful Japanese machinery you had a little room in your heart. I like the balance of form and function in the late 80's early 90's DA/Ultegra stuff, especially derailleurs and cranks. Campy almost always had the edge in looks.

Your Bob Jackson is too rad, the SSP cranks are an excellent choice; I still regret not parting out the C'dale I used to have, if only just for the sweet cranks with black chainring. The machining and quality was so nice!

Italian Road Bikes

I've noticed a lot of fine Italian road bikes came equipped with either Dura Ace or Shimano 600. The Japanese components on your Ciocc works out great for a rider. Some guys are into show bike quality, then it has to be all C Record and Deltas. When I got my 72 Colnago Super, it came with Nuovo Record mixed with Dura Ace brakes and Zeus Hubs. Go figure.

That componentry

mix sounds ill! I'd love an old Zeus group about as much as an SSP one(which is a fair amount!).

Route your cables on the

Route your cables on the front/under your bars and out near the stem. Flip the front quick release.
I want this bike, I almost bought it. (I'm in Olympia).
This bike is sweet.

I should

fix that cable, just been lazy. That cable is what I get for taking my bike to Performance Bikes for service...

Fixed ;) Word up Olympia, is there cool riding out there?
Oh yeah, I finally signed up for the STP! Probably will ride it on the Klein though!

Lovely bike!

Why do you run with such wide tires?

Because fat tires are the

Because fat tires are the jam!

lol actually

I tried to run those cuz they looked great, but the first test ride(after the photo) as I was riding I heard it rub under the fork crown, so back to 25c Rubinos ;)

Also, despite being progressive for America, Seattle is still far behind a place like Amsterdam in terms of road maintenance :)
Some day I would love to ride around Holland on a nice road bike.

Currently riding

the hell out of it! That 84 of yours is sweeeet! With those Spinergy's it looks so modern!! Someday I will have to get one, I'd say it honestly has supplanted a De Rosa as my Italian dream.

A while back,

there was a Ciocc with this paint and a Campagnolo gruppo on craigslist for Seven Hundred. Man, if I had the money on hand it would have been mine. You're a lucky guy!


I have been really lucky with finding bikes, when I figure out one I want it has worked out waaay quicker than I could've hoped(much to my accounts chagrin)!

If only I could happen upon a Landshark or De Rosa for cheap, I might just have to be satisfied haha

This ride is sweet; if you happen on a Ciocc and the money/fit works, it's a worthy addition to your stable.

I need track down this guy in my city with a dark green paint job and chrome fork/stays. He's the one who provoked this, need to thank him.

Landshark & De Rosa

I remember seeing Landshark and De Rosa frames on eBay, but probably would be costly to build them up in a decent fashion.


I couldn't go budget with either option :)

It's so nice to find

It's so nice to find a complete lightweight classic with a nice gruppo. Usually a better deal too.

Probably is

If I could find like an 83 De Rosa that someone had refitted with complete early 90's chorus I think that might be the perfect ride for me :)


it's a nice late 80's-mid 90's Merckx :)

Or Landshark still...might have a line if I get some cheese

Either One

Either one would be sweet.

Aren't you still

holdin out on a couple of more bikes you haven't posted?

Any current projects/dreams?

Just Lazy

Just lazy when it comes to taking photos/posting, more about building and riding. I just finished a Bob Jackson road and 3 other BMX builds. Some changes to existing builds (I noticed the bullhorns on your Ciocc). It seems like I've got a neverending list of projects, starting with Zunow road, 62 Paramount track, Umezawa track, Olmo road, 72 Colnago Super, Peugeot UO8, mystery 40s skip tooth track, Nishiki 650c, Ideor touring, TVT/Look carbon, Guerciotti road, Gitane track, and Mongoose Motomag.

Ha ya

I can feel you on preferring riding to documentation :)

You just usually have cool stuff so it's hard not to want to see!!

I'm tryin out the bullhorns since this is my primary city bike, plus my old cockpit was kinda creaky. I do kinda miss the drops, but all my other bikes have em anyways...

A Lot in the City

A lot of riders prefer bullhorns in the city. It's the variable hand positions without being hunched over like when your in the drops. I've had less collisions with bullhorns, although I had an inattentive pedestrian step out in front of me on a rainy day. When I picked up my bike off the pavement, his briefcase was hanging on the bars. Stupid shit! I'll be posting more bikes soon.


It looks like its in nice shape.

Pretty decent

shape cosmetically. It's in the sweet spot for me where there are a just enough imperfections to take away my tendency to baby it; and ride it like it deserves, alot!!


Agreed, whats the point of having these sick machines if you can't get on em?

Looking good!

Is the 600 group original to the bike? Mine came with full Campy SR except the levers, which were Tri-color. I thought that was odd. Just posted it up, check it out.

I am not entirely sure

I actually know the guy who fixed it up before I bought it, so I may pick his brain. It is possible it was original due to it being on the lower-end of the line-up, but it certainly could've at least originally come with some mid-level campy.

I would guess it would not have SR though; this 600 group is pretty sweet though. If this bike sticks with me long enough, I'd love to go full early 90's chorus, but that's a long ways away hah!

Talked to

the guy that fixed it up, and it was built up from frame/fork only so not sure what the original compentry was. Oh well, glad the guy chose to go full 600, for dt set-ups I like 600, DA, or Suntour Superbe Pro


The Vintage Bike Doc: Interesting that the lugs are identical. What kind/brand are the rear dropouts? I have been trying to find out who is the frame manufacturer of my Paganini. Rumor is it's either Ciocc or Toranado. Yours almost nails it down!


and there are no markings on the dropouts? I will keep investigating...

Looks a lot like my Paganini Mistral

The Vintage Bike Doc: I totally agree about the ride of the Aelle tubed bikes. I have ridden other steel lugged frames and prefer them over the newer alloy or even the lugged aliminum Miyata 1400A I sold last month (great ride, btw). Had a 2011 welded aluminum (won't mention the brand) with carbon fork. The ride is/was nothing like my Paganini! Please take a look. Good luck and have fun ridding. Please more photos of the bikes detail.

Wish you were in Sothern Cal!

The Vintage Bike Doc: If you were here in SoCal, I'd love to ride with you and actually see that bike!!! It looks sweet!

Thanks for the comments!

If I can make it down your way I'll let you know!

Our bikes definitely have a similar look, the paint job is almost like the sky or something with the light blue fade to white. A pleasure for sure, once I get my stem dialed in it will be perfect!!

"Perfect is a temporal state"

The Vintage Bike Doc: I still need to have the forks rechromed and I'll replace the headset when it's reassembled. For now, I ride and enjoy.


not perfect; but once I get a shorter stem on there I will be comfortable and able to fully enjoy the facilities at my disposal ;)

I have a cinelli 100mm I'll

I have a cinelli 100mm I'll trade ya if that's a 120

I woulda

but I just sent a payment to socal3renshi for a 100mm :)

It's a 130 though, if you're still interested. Has front logo and top etched branding.

Ha, no problem. Nah, 130 is

Ha, no problem. Nah, 130 is too long.

Great score! Aelle is real

Great score! Aelle is real nice quality ride.

May be low

on the Columbus scale; but despite not being featherweight, it's hardly sluggish.

You said it. I ride SL and

You said it. I ride SL and SLX but my Aelle bike is my favorite. It moves. Colour me jealous, always wanted a Ciocc. If you have the scratch go carbon record. I would love to see this pimped out.


would be awesome! Most likely will slowly switch it over to 90's campy athena/chorus as I find stuff, but if I find the right deal ;)

Buy this off Seattle CL?

Buy this off Seattle CL? It's been there forever but I never had the motivation to check it out. Going to look great!

Ha yup!

I don't know why, but I went from almost getting socal3rensho's cannondale crit with full shimano 600 to getting this instead.

Need to get a shorter stem, it came with like a 130. But besides that this thing is quick! And friction dt for the win unless it's new campy 10 stuff :)

I'd be so stoked

to have a bike like that. Nice Ciocc!

Ever the humble one

Mr. Full SR Colnago :P

It's a joy though, and I finally get to try out a Concor Light since it came with it; also pretty sweet imo. Used to be a regular Concor guy but I think my current favorites are my Aliante and this Light now.(Although my Brooks Swift is starting to break in, and for some reason the old Concor on my Olmo is perfect..)

This is nice! What kind of

This is nice! What kind of fenders are those?

I think

they were SKS race/rain blades?

Found em, thanks.

Found em, thanks.

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